Guy Thinks He’s Entitled To Take Up Two Spots Because He Has An Expensive Car, Then Karma Hits

Updated October 9, 2017

There is a video making the rounds on internet sites that seem to show some guys in a Jeep deciding to enforce parking etiquette on a poorly stationed foreign car. As if to illustrate some class struggle via proxy vehicles, the Jeep driver uses his SUV to push the “entitled” BMW into a single parking space, thus striking a blow for the common man.

And the video does seem to be very popular. In addition to it being included on aggregator and blog sites, it has been viewed on YouTube more than fifty-three thousand times. You will not believe this video until you watch it, and even then…

We are not really sure why the creator of this video decided to make it, although it has certainly brought them a lot of attention.

Most people who have commented, failed to see the humor in the Jeep driver’s actions saying things like Bret Aldrich, who wrote “There were plenty of parking spaces so what if the dude is proud of his car. You don’t mess with someone’s car even if they do park like that. Uncool.”

Lots of folks agree with Aldrich’s sentiment. Some commenters wrote “I don’t like a lot of beemer drivers but it’s still a crime. Now the guy has a good description of the vehicle that hit him,” and “You guys are worse than the bmw guy, at least he didn’t damage anyone else’s car which could a lot of money to fix.”

Others pointed out the stupidity of filming and posting oneself breaking the law, saying “what sort of nutter puts a video of themselves doing criminal damage on the internet,” “why don’t we film ourselves vandalizing then put it on the internet,” and “who would post themselves in an easily identifiable jeep damaging another car? it’s a damn shame that people think they need to be famous to be fulfilled.”

Commenter Michael Randolph added “Ya know what’s ridiculous? The belief that ‘ALL BMW owners are selfish, arrogant wealthy snobs/pricks.’”

There were a few viewers who understood immediately that they were watching a staged video and not a real case of hit and run.

YouTuber Big Nopes wrote “Surprised so many people hating on this without realizing the obvious evidence that its staged. The pre-recording aside, the skid marks before they do the push should have been more than enough. My faith in the human race continues to grow weaker.”

Another unknown commenter said “this is fake. Friend owns the car. Why do you think they parked in a perfect spot to pull this stunt.”

And at least one was able to use basic forensics to prove the staged nature of the event, saying “Fake! @ 00:03 You can see rubber on pavement where it was either pushed by hand, or truck BEFORE HE PUSHES IT! And, notice his truck has simulated trademark BMW ‘Angel Eyes’ headlights. It’s HIS car or his friends.”

So why would someone even bother to create a video like this? Please share your thoughts and theories with us here.