Guy Tries To Kidnap Woman And Her Child, Has No Clue Who Is Waiting Nearby To Take Him Down : AWM

Guy Tries To Kidnap Woman And Her Child, Has No Clue Who Is Waiting Nearby To Take Him Down

Nowadays, everyone is so caught up in their own lives that they seldom realize what is going on around them. It doesn’t help that cell phones tend to be a huge distraction and keeps us from fully engaging in our lives and connecting with others on a face-to-face level. When Tia Withers and her two children went to Walmart in Reynoldsburg, Ohio one day, their day went from being uneventful to being one that they would never forget.

It all started when the family was heading back out to their car after shopping. While Withers was buckling her children in in the back seat of the car, she noticed something odd. Near a parked car, there was a woman and a child and they seemed to be distraught and scared. Standing beside them was a man who looked like he didn’t belong with them. When the man briefly turned his back, the woman mouthed some words in Withers’ direction. Withers instantly recognized that the woman had been sending her a signal that she needed help and she was obviously being held against her wishes.

Soon after the man turned back around he started yelling at the woman and her son trying to force them to get back into the car. Withers knew that she had to do something and she knew she had to move fast.

Thinking quickly, Withers pulled her car in front of the car that the man was trying to get them into and she blocked them from exiting. She then dialed 911.

As soon as the man realized that he was caught, things started to spiral out of control. He threw the car into reverse, ramming right into Withers’ car. Fearing for her children’s safety, Withers was then forced to move her car out of the way.

The man then tried to speed off from the parking lot, but Withers wasn’t about to let him get away and she started following him. As she was tailing the man’s vehicle, she was on the phone with the cops, giving them the details of the man’s vehicle and license plate.

The police eventually caught up to the car and had made the arrest right away thanks to the help of Withers.

The kidnapper was identified as Michael McKinney and he had taken the woman and her son all the way from Lexington, North Carolina. His goal was to drive them to the Western Union hoping to extort them.

Apparently, McKinney isn’t that clever because he also got caught trying to ditch some drugs in the bushes while the police were chasing him. But, Withers, on the other hand, was vigilant in this woman’s time of need. Luckily she acted when she did.

McKinney was apprehended and charged with several offenses, including being in possession of controlled substances and extortion.

There is a good chance that Withers saved this woman and her son’s life.

This just goes to show you that it’s important to pay attention to your surroundings because you never know what kind of situation you will be faced with.