Guy Turns Pale As A Ghost When He Realizes Why His Candy Bar Is Crunchy When It Shouldn’t Be

Updated July 24, 2017

Right about the same time every year, someone reports devious doings with their Halloween haul. You have, no doubt been warned by your parents that someone once put razor blades in candy to injure kids, or more recently, that tabs of the drug ecstasy were slipped into candy. All of these urban legends are myths. There has never once been a single documented case of candy tampering investigated by law enforcement anywhere, that did not wind up being a hoax.


But we just heard a story from a Reddit user who claims that something creepy was in his Halloween chocolate. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not he is legit, but the pictures he posted are terrifying.

Redditor SandpaperThoughts just posted the most disgusting Halloween story we have heard in quite a while. As he bit into a piece of chocolate, he got a crunchy surprise, and it was not the nuts.


When he took a close look at the chocolate, he could see tiny worms in it. He then inspected the rest of the bag of candy that he had bought for trick or treaters, and discovered that virtually all of it was infested with tiny worms. Ew.


Other Reddit users reacted to his pictures and story by saying things like:

“I know someone who worked in a chocolate factory, and she told me that she never ate chocolate with nuts in it, because as she said ‘upon inspection, when it came to nuts, we never asked whether there might be worms, the question was the amount.’”

After contacting the manufacturer about his tainted candy, SandpaperThoughts was given a potential answer as to why this may have happened. The company said it was possible “the store didn’t store chocolate in proper conditions and that a certain species of a butterfly had the ability of poking microscopic holes in the chocolate wrapper.”

He goes on to claim that when he received his replacement box of chocolate from the company, it was empty.

We checked the myth busting website Snopes to find out why, year after year, these kinds of urban legends pop up at this Holiday.

They say “these rumors persist, in part, because every year numerous cases of suspected candy tampering are reported by the news media in the days immediately following Halloween.

Nearly all such cases turn out to be nothing: they’re pranks played by children on their parents, siblings, or friends; they’re false reports generated by attention-seeking children and adults; they involve material that accidentally, rather than deliberately, ends up in children’s goodie bags; or they’re examples of coincidence mistaken for causation (e.g., a person eats a piece of candy and shortly afterwards feels ill, then erroneously attributes the illness to tainted Halloween candy). But often no follow-ups are done on such news stories after the initial, unconfirmed reports, leaving the public with the impression that all of them involved genuine cases of tainted candy being distributed to trick-or-treaters.”

Does this guy have bad luck, or is he full of something besides wormy candy? Share your theories here.