Guy Uploads Odd Footage Of Bird On His Security Camera And It Sends The Internet Into A Frenzy

Updated August 10, 2017

While 99.9% of home security footage shows nothing but empty rooms and people going about their business as usual, every so often these hidden cameras capture something so intriguing that the entire internet cannot stop talking about it. But the reaction to the home security footage that this person uploaded has gone beyond viral into storm-warning territory. People keep talking about it, sharing it to their Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. People wonder if the video is fake or just so extraordinary as to not seem believable. But below, you’ll get a chance to watch the clip that has the internet buzzing. And to think, all this talk is flowing around because of some bird. Check out the clip below to see why this home security footage is the talk of the internet.

The footage was uploaded this past July and stars a bird. But that is not what has people shocked to the point of breathlessness. It’s not that the video shows a bird, it’s what the bird appears to be doing.

In the video, the bird is flying in the air. But unlike every other bird that flies, this one is not flapping its wings. And it’s not because it is gliding like an eagle or hawk or other bird of prey. No, the reason that this bird is not flapping its wings is extraordinary.

So what is it? Why doesn’t this bird need to flap its wings? The reason likes in the technology used to capture the bird in flight.

As you know, moving pictures are just that – a series of still images stitched together to create the illusion of movement. This means that images are taken at regular intervals like a time lapse and put together to create the movie.

This bird is not flapping its wings because each flap occurred at just the moment a new frame was taken. The perfect coincidence made it appear that the bird was just floating around without flapping its wings, making it appear like something from old-time Saturday morning cartoons.

The video went viral immediately. And at the time of this writing, it already has more than 4 million views and counting. Most people are amazed by the video while others are suspicious that it actually happened like the uploader claimed.

The short clip is only about 10-seconds long. And as you’ll see when you press ‘play’ the clip gets right to the point. The miraculous bird simply floats across the view of the security camera.

Comments rolled in by the thousands. Here were some popular ones:

“When you spot a security camera, trying to act normal but you just become even more suspicious.”

“It’s just the frame rate of the camera matching perfectly with the birds flapping. Like a helicopter would look under some camera with the propeller still / slow”

What do you think about this clip? The YouTuber later revealed that the video is a hoax and he manipulated the footage.

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