Guy Walks Up To His Horse And Taps On His Nose. Then The Music Starts And The Crowd Erupts

Updated October 2, 2017

While you might not know them by name, Friesians are beautiful, elegant and some of the strongest horses on earth. They are renown for their dexterity and are creatures of abundant grace. But in the video below, you’ll see French horse trainer Frederic Pignon display his masterful control of the magnificent beasts. In this performance, you’ll watch Pignon display his art of horse training with not just one Friesian stallion but three. Watch as long-haired Pignon takes command of the stage and leads these steeds about in a spectacular dance.

At the start of the performance, the Friesian stallion is trotting alongside Pignon as they move toward the center of the stage. Upon the masterful horse trainer’s command, the horse picks up the riding crop and brings it over to Pignon – but not before posing majestically for the audience.

Then a second Friesian stallion runs out to join the fray. But as you’ll see when you watch the amazing performance, these stallions are so well trained, they do not hesitate for a moment when Pignon gestures his subtle commands.

The third horse joins the group. And at this moment, Pignon’s skills as a horse trainer are tested. With three giant horses to control at once, Pignon somehow manages to not lose a step.

As one of the best trainers in the world, Pignon has a deep understanding of horses that stretches well beyond the average equestrian. And he knows that horses are much deeper creatures than average people give them credit for. They’re complicated. But Pignon has them figured out.

As he says in an interview with Horse Collaborative, “What I observe most of the time is that people use methods like horses are bicycles. They’re horses. A horse is a big adventure when you start to be with one.”

Instead of just trying to train the horse and break it so it fits into the mold of what it is “supposed to do,” Pignon has a more enlightened approach. He gets to know each horse, discover the uniqueness of its personality, and then training it in the perfect way for it to learn faster and more completely.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse into the romantic life of Pignon and his horse training abilities.

And as you can imagine, this video has garnered millions of views. Here were some of the comments viewers like you shared about his international skill as a horse trainer.

“beautiful, graceful, intelligent magnificent Fresians.. their relationship with their trainer shows love and fun.. not harsh treatment.. he looks to be The Horse Whisperer…a true pleasure..”

“very well trained horse and a great trainer he respects and loves the horses so much.  The horses love to perform.”

“I’m just so amazed at the disposition of these animals when there is a mutual trust bond between handler and horse!”

“This is really beautiful work. Those horses look like they are having fun, and fully trust him.”

Watch the clip. What do you think about this man’s life work with horses?