Guy Was Suspicious Of Injured Dog In The Street, So He Decided To Keep Filming Him

Updated October 10, 2017

This dog gives an Oscar-worthy performance like you’ve never quite seen before.

Are dogs smart enough to manipulate people? As seen in this video, this stray dog is seen wandering in the street, dragging his legs behind him, as if broken.

It really tugs at the heartstrings, as you imagine if you saw this, you might stop and make sure the animal was okay and get him some medical attention. In the video, however, people drive by the pathetic animal… until one driver stops his car and gets out.

It would appear that the dog is finally going to get some help and something emotional is about to go down as a kind stranger lends a helping hand. Instead, you’ll never believe what happens. As soon as the driver leaves the car to attend to the animal, the dog pops up on all fours and it’s like nothing was ever wrong with him!

What? The driver, stunned, gets back in his car and the dog walks away.

Those commenting on the video noted: “haha I thought he has really a broken leg,” “smart dog,” and “Very smart dog. Some dogs are smarter than people.”

Another offered this explanation: “It’s a form of begging. Seen this in Turkey too and that dog I saw done same for food. Nothing was wrong with the dog just wanted some food and attention.”

Others, however, believed that the “poor animal needs help,” with one person saying, “Whether the dog walked or not something is wrong he still needed rescuing.” Others believed, “It’s probably riddled with flea bites and this is its unique way of itching underneath” and “The dog has ticks on its spine – it’s ill and will probably be dead in a few months.”

One commenter didn’t believe the man who stopped intended to help, noting: “Doubt the driver was going to help, more than likely going to kick it out the way. That is a clever dog tho, its been watching the Thai beggars.”

Another similar video shows a dog who appears to be dragging his leg to get sympathy…and food…from strangers. Seems this trick is effective, as he drags himself along, looking for a handout. Those commenting on that video noted: “I say dogs are dumb but then they do this stuff and tbh they know what they’re doing and how to get their way” and “Yeah, my kids do the exact same thing when I tell them to do yard work.”

In both cases, it’s unclear if the dog has been trained to drag their legs, if they are stray and using the fake injury to get attention or food, or if there is an underlying illness or ticks to blame for the behavior. The videos have gone viral as people weigh in with what they think is happening.

One person offered this explanation: “The dog was stretching for a long time I think, mine does the same thing.” Others wondered if he was just in desperate need of someone to pet him.