Guy Who Visits Beach Everyday, Spots Strange Moving Creature. Gets Close To Take A Video

Updated August 30, 2017

While people walked along the beautiful Burry Port beach in Carmarthenshire, Wales in the United Kingdom, they were in for a surprise earlier this week. A “monster” was found covered in shells right there on the sand. And everyone that saw the strange thing was left dumbfounded and baffled. The object was gigantic. And every inch of it was covered in shells and barnacles indicating that it had been in the ocean water for a very long time. And as people started getting up close to it and snapping pictures, they were still just as clueless as they were when they saw it from down the other side of the beach. Suzy Watkins and her family were among the first victims to see the strange monster in the Welsh beach. It wasn’t there the last time they went, but now it was. This left them shocked because that thing was so big no one could have moved it without expensive and powerful equipment.

Despite all the photos appearing online and in social media about the shell-covered monstrosity, it is hard to identify exactly what it is. Why? Because it is covered in so many barnacles and debris.

Suzy was brave enough to snag footage of the sea monster. She eventually shared her exclusive clips with Wales Online and told them: “This was on Burry Port beach. There are worm-like creatures coming out of the shells.”

Although this object has left people stunned, it was not the only shell-covered monster that appeared on shore recently. Just last year, a similar thing washed ashore in New Zealand – half the world away from this Welsh one.

That object was found on Muriwai Beach. It was also covered in what appear to be razor clams, but could also be an special species of barnacles. The object was huge, just like this one here below.

Many people have different theories about what this unidentified object is. Some suspect it came from a shipwreck and was floating around the ocean for years. Others think it is some kind of underwater pipe that dislodged and came ashore. A few conspiracy theorists think it is evidence that aliens exist – although no one takes this serious given the nature of the object.

Days after the object at Muriwai Beach was discovered “experts” from the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society claimed it was simply a piece of driftwood covered in gooseneck barnacles. This theory easily explained away the “alien” ideas and other hard to believe suspicions.

But no one has come forward to proclaim with confidence what the object on Burry Port beach truly is.

Instead of just being a piece of wood, the object in Wales was found creeping through the rocks. This makes other people still hold strong to their believe that it is “an alien life form that has got lost on earth.”

What do you think this shell-covered monster is? Should we be worried or is it just drift wood?

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