Hard Working Waitress Looks Down At The Receipt. What’s Written As The Tip? She Can’t Stop Crying

Updated June 30, 2016

In the United States, there is currently a large unrest involving civil rights and justice, because people are extremely divided in terms of what is right and what is not right.

The fact is that our society is a very accepting society, or aims to be, and people have been trying to be more accommodating and inclusive towards all people no matter their skin color, or other attributes.

Many may agree with this progressive mentality, however it becomes apparent that there are many others in our country who do not agree with it.

This fact comes to light in many situations all across the nation, but not many are as hateful as what was found by one waitress working at an IHOP during her double shift one day.

Taylor Stewart has been working at the same IHOP for over 7 months now, and says that she has been enjoying her job.  She has been working at IHOP because as she puts it, she is a people person, so she really enjoys talking to and serving people.

One day after working a double shift, Taylor was serving a man who was sitting there with his three kids.  During their time at the restaurant, she messed up one of the items on their check, but did everything she could to make sure the mistake was rectified and they got the food they ordered.

After a tasty meal, the family stormed out of the restaurant, but Taylor did not think much of it.  She went to go clear the table which took a while because they left a huge mess, but the real shocker came when she went to go process their check.

The meal reached a total of $36, so naturally there should have been a $7 tip on the check for her service, however Taylor found something else written on the tip line of the check.  She thought it said “Grey is wrong” but when she brought it to her girlfriend, she found that the check actually said, “Gay is wrong”, which was an extremely hateful and hurtful message towards her.

Taylor wants everybody to see this check to recognize that hatred towards people for their predisposed orientation still exists, and that people should be doing all they can in order to demote such hatred.

“If you don`t like it, if you don’t agree with it, that’s fine. That’s your own opinion, but I mean, just let people be who they are and don’t say hurtful things,” Taylor said.

Taylor says that she does indeed strongly believe in the freedom of speech, but is asking people that if they want to say something that will hurt other people, to keep it to themselves rather than say it out loud.  It is better to not hurt people than to hurt them.

If you want to learn more about Taylor and her experience serving that customer at IHOP, then you can learn more in the news cast below and let us know what you make of the situation in the comments.