He Bought This House Only To Knock It Down, But What He Finds Hidden Inside This Wall? AMAZING!

Updated February 3, 2016

Just recently, one of North Texas’ oldest standing homes has just been discovered. It’s a log-cabin style home built in the 1860s.

But what’s most shocking about this find is that it was discovered within the walls of an unsuspecting suburban abode.

While developer Curtis Grant, of Flower Mound, Texas bought the property at 4801 Quail Run, his only intention was to knock it down to create a 12 home development.

But as soon as Grant and his team tore down the home’s walls, they revealed a secret kept hidden since the mid-1860s.

They first discovered the log cabin structure while bringing down the walls in the living room. Underneath the sheetrock and other modern building materials, the developer and his team realized the entire property was built around a core of large logs.

In order to figure out the history behind this North Texas home, Grant contacted Peggy Riddle at the Denton County Historic Museum for details.

That’s when he learned it was much older than he thought.

“She said, ‘Curtis, that tells me it’s not an early 1900s structure or cabin, that it’s a mid-1800 structure,’” said Grant.

After finding the historic home, Grant is committed to preserving it although it hurts his business.

“It’s just something that needs to be preserved as difficult as that is on a developer,” said Grant.

Now Grant will be making a 9 home development. And he’s teamed up with the Mound Foundation in Flower Mound in hopes of restoring the Texas log cabin to its former glory.

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