He Buys Dilapidated War Tank For $40,000. Finds $2.5 Million Dollar Treasure Hidden Inside : AWM

He Buys Dilapidated War Tank For $40,000. Finds $2.5 Million Dollar Treasure Hidden Inside

When Nick Mead purchased an old Iraqi tank on an auction on eBay, he was excited for the piece of military history to arrive at his home. But when Mead and mechanic Todd Chamberlain took a closer look at the large machine of war once it arrived, they were in for the shock of their life. Not only were Mead and Chamberlain stunned at what they found, military buffs around the globe are equally shocked.

As you’ll see in the video reveal below, as the duo searched the broken down tank, they expected to find rusty guns or other war-time items.

But when it came time to search an old diesel tank that had come as part of the tank purchase, they pulled out something worth much more than the tank itself. Find out what they discovered below!

In the video below, which documents the entire process, you’ll watch the shocking moment both men find what was hidden inside the Iraqi tank. And it had nothing to do with war like they had expected.

Inside the diesel tank were five gold bars worth $2.5 million.

You’ll see as an assistant holds the tank up with a long rusty rod, one of the men reaches inside searching for the hidden treasure. But at the time, they had no idea what was lurking inside the $40,000 tank.

At the 1:45-mark, you’ll see the man reaching into the tank. He has to get his hands deep inside before he touches the metal objects inside. Little does he know but he is about to pull out something that will forever change his life.

Because he is taking a while, the woman nags him to hurry up saying, “I have Christmas presents to wrap, you know.”

The man admits that it is not a gun. But he knows it is a long metal object. He just can’t figure out what it is and a collection of gold bars couldn’t be further from his mind. The man behind the camera is audibly disappointed to learn that guns are not hidden inside the tank. Little does he know that what’s there is really much better.

Then Chamberlain pulls out a shiny object. It is heavy. And it is gold.

Mead says, “Is that what I think it is? How heavy is it? Seriously?! Is that gold? Oh god, that’s about five or six kilos. Wow, good here isn’t it. See how many there are, find the rest! Yeehaah! What are we going to do with them?”

For the rest of the video, the crew tries to figure out how many gold bars are left inside the diesel tank. After completing the search, they come out with five in total.

After buying this old tank, they inadvertently stumbled upon a buried treasure worth about $2.5 million. And now they just have to figure out how to spend all that money.

What would you do if you found millions of dollars unexpectedly like this? Or if you won the lottery?

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