He Cautiously Brings His Horses Towards The Water. Then He Starts Running. How They React? WOW!

Updated February 11, 2016

Few things are more beautiful than watching an animal or child express pure joy. No matter whether it’s a dog playing in the snow or the horses in the video included below playing on the beach with their best friend, something brightens up our lives when we see the joyful experience unfold.

In the 4-minute clip below, you’ll watch horse owner and trainer David Lichmann share a tender moment with his horses on the beach. So heartwarming!

At the start, Lichmann is standing near the surf with three horses. He seems to be speaking to them.

Undoubtedly this horse whisperer has formed a special relationship with the majestic animals and can communicate with them through facial expressions and body movements as well as his words.

Throughout the clip, you’ll watch Lichmann walking along the beach with the animals. At the 55-second mark, he starts marching with the horses down the beach. The animals are lifting their front legs up just like their owner.

At the 2:45-mark, you’ll see Lichmann rousing his horses from a much deserved rest on the sand. The quadrupeds stand up on their feet as Lichmann prepares for more training. But when one of the white horses lags behind and Lichmann gives him a special treat.

What’s your reaction to this special animal video?

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