He Couldn’t Find One He Liked In Stores, So He Goes To Work. Builds His Own From Scratch

Updated February 9, 2017

What do you do with your loose kitchen knives? If they’re just lying around in a drawer, you’re putting your family’s safety at risk. Just imagine if a little one opens it up and gets curious. There could be an injury on your hands!

Have you ever seen those people who have those magnetic kitchen knife racks that hang from the backsplash? Those hangers are perfect and easy to use, but they can be expensive. Thankfully, in the video below, you’ll learn a simple DIY method to make your own in minutes. Plus, it’ll look professionally done and match your rustic kitchen design perfectly.

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen and become more organized? Check out the simple steps you need to take to make this project yourself!

Not only is this knife hanger practical, it looks magnificent as well. While the average knife block can cost about $100 or more, this one can cost nothing – unless you want to purchase a specific type of wood.

With this knife block attached to your wall, you’ll have more drawer and counter space to use as you wish. Plus, the natural wood look will give your home a refreshing look.

So, what do you need to get this project going? Here’s the list:

-Power drill with a pilot hole drill bit
-Safety goggles/glasses
-Wood glue
-Powerful magnets
-Two metal picture hangers
-Your piece of wood

It’s easy to make this magnetic wood knife rack. To make it magnetic, you’ll simply drill holes into the back of it and insert the magnets.

First, measure the length of the drill bit against the width of your piece of wood. Mark it with tape so you don’t accidentally drill all the way through and ruin the piece of wood. Then use your pilot hole drill bit to make holes where you want to place your magnets.

Drill rows and columns of these holes. TO get the magnet in place, place a drop of wood glue into the hole and then stuff your magnet in the back of each one.

When each hole is filled with a magnet, attached your wall hangers – but make sure you install them low enough so they don’t peek out when you’re knife hanger is on the wall.

As the OWN video description reads: “Add rustic charm to your kitchen with this floating knife rack made out of reclaimed wood.”

You don’t have to just use your magnetic knife rack for knives?

Another great use for it is to keep your blender and food processor blades in order. Simply stick these metal pieces to the magnetic strip to get them off your shelf and into the air.

If you install one above your stove, you can use it to hang your metal utensils. This makes it super easy to grab them when you want to stir your soup or stir your pasta. Plus, you can hang metal pot lids on this magnetic hanger too.

Will you try this simple rustic knife rack?

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