He Doesn’t Care He’s Offending Entitled Neighbors, Keeps Gruesome Hillary Decorations Up

Updated October 25, 2016

Every year Albin Blomkves creates Halloween displays outside of his business in Marietta, Georgia. But this year he might have gone too far, liberals and neighbors say. Because the annual celebration of ghosts, monsters, and ghouls comes just one week before Election Day, Blomkves couldn’t resist using the opportunity to flout his political views.

The man started by putting a Donald Trump dummy out on the porch. But somebody stole it. Because of the theft, Blomkves decided to up his game and created a gruesome Hillary Clinton display that would make most Trump supporters roll on the floor with laughter.

Scroll down to see what this man created for Halloween this year!

After his neighbors stole his Trump décor, he needed to do something different – but he still wanted to be political.

“I put the Trump dummy out first and somebody stole it, so that was the key that I had to put the Hillary head out,” he told WXIA-TV.

This isn’t just a head of Hillary Clinton…

The Halloween display shows the Democratic presidential nominee’s decapitated head. The head is being held by its hair, while dripping red liquid. A skeleton standing at a microphone is holding up Secretary Clinton’s head.

But Blomkves’s neighbors hate the display. In the state were polls between Clinton and Trump are neck and neck, most people think it is distasteful.

WXIA told Blomkves that his neighbors weren’t happy with it. But the business owner could care less about his neighbors’ opinions and he doesn’t plan on taking it down.

“It’s a Halloween show for the front yard, you know? I mean, she’s not on a spike. She’s not on fire — yet.”

He added to the station that he believes “everyone thinks it’s funny,” and he hasn’t received any complaints directly about the display: “It’s a rubber mask I bought at Walmart for $10 — take it what you will.”

But Georgia resident and Clinton supporter Adrienne White does not think it is funny.

“There’s absolutely no taste in portraying a presidential candidate in this manner,” White told WXIA. She admitted that the Halloween Clinton head display offended her.

“I want to have good, robust, challenging conversations around how we want to accomplish better things for our country,” she added, “and you can do that without threatening someone’s life.”

White also pointed out that Blomkves’s display is a blatant display of violence against women. He certainly isn’t doing the same thing with Trump’s head.

Blomkves scoffs at anyone offended and told WXIA all of his critics were WRONG.

“I don’t want to portray any of that at all, not in the slightest. It was just a Halloween gag.”

Despite his neighbors’ distaste, and the likelihood that his display will hurt his business success, Blomkves plans on keeping the display up. Not only that, he wants to make it bigger and better.

Take a closer look at Blomkves’s loud and gruesome Halloween display in the video below at the 22-second mark. Is he taking things too far?

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