He Duct Taped A Cotton Ball Inside His Ear And Left It There Overnight For A Brilliant Reason

Updated April 12, 2017

Vicks VapoRub is one of the most useful things you can have lying around your home; not because of only its cold healing properties, but because of so much more as well! As you’re about to find out, this common item you can find at any pharmacy offers so much more than you’d expect.

VapoRub has so many uses it will blow your mind.  So next time you have some extra, don’t throw it out and see if it can help you in any of these situations!

Keep bugs away by spreading some of the VapoRub behind your ears. Bugs hate the aroma of eucalyptus, a compound in VapoRub.  A little will keep them away! This is great if you’re afraid of something flying inside or crawling in while you’re asleep – especially a cockroach…

Dogs also dislike the smell, so putting some on the area where they keep wetting inside will make them stop once and for all. This is very useful when house training your puppies.

People also swear by VapoRub being able to heal stretch marks. It could even help dealing with the bounce back after pregnancy.

If you have a migraine, apply some to your temples to ease the pain. If you have neck pain, apply some there too!  The menthol helps soothe muscles and it can really make you feel better fast.

If you have pimples of zits, VapoRub can take care of them for you.  A little dab on the red spot will dry it out overnight. Use it as a spot treatment and see results.

You can also cure toenail fungus with this stuff!  Just apply overnight. Just look at the photos here and see how useful this treatment was for people with feet problems.


Like dogs, cats also hate the smell of VapoRub. And those critters can be annoying if they’re ruining your furniture or parts of your home. A little application where they might be scratching will ward them off.

If you have an earache, stick a cotton ball with VapoRub in your ear, and seal with with some tape.  This will reduce inflammation and help it heal. I’ve tried this with my son just last month. It is not to be used instead of a doctor visit, but it was useful to alleviate some of the pain with his earache.


You can also use VapoRub to safely remove ticks. Pulling ticks out with your fingers or tweezers can backfire – the head of the tick might remain lodged in you. Instead of trying to grab them and possibly bursting them and causing infection, apply some of the ointment and they should release themselves.


If you have a cold, spreading some of the ointment on your feet can help relieve symptoms even faster because your feet are the number one medication absorbents!

I never knew there were so many amazing uses for this simple product. Let us know if you have used any of these tricks in the comments below!

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