He Feels His Small Boat Starting To Shake, Whips Out Camera. Records Awe-Inspiring Footage

Updated March 15, 2017

When out at sea, you never know what you are going to witness in the vast waters of the mysterious ocean. There is so much life beneath the surface of the water that we have yet to discover. Even those who specialize in marine life research, are amazed by the new ocean findings that they come across nearly every day. There are always new species being discovered and an endless amount of information to learn. It certainly keeps their jobs busy.

But, it’s not only the marine biologists who get to witness these amazing views. Bradley Rich is one of the lucky people who got to see something breathtaking while he was boating with friends outside of Resurrection Bay in southeastern Alaska. And we all get to view the magic in what he saw because he was able to film it while it was happening.

Rich and his friends were quite stunned when they realized that they were sailing right into an entire pod of humpback whales, just as they were breaching the surface to start feeding. Talk about good timing!

In the video below, the background sound of the ocean is enough to make you want to tune in. The patches of dark blue clouds give the sky an eerie feel, and just when Rich thinks that the whales are far out beyond the seagulls, he is shocked as the boat is actually sailing right into a huge pod of humpback whales. They are literally just a few feet away from the boat and they pierce the top of the water with the tips of their noses before diving back under. It is like a party of whales. The seagulls come into the picture and swarm the cluster of whales, creating a beautiful image of nature working its magic.

One of the best parts of the videos is hearing the excitement in Rich’s voice in the background. He’s laughing hysterically while shouting words of amazement as he holds the camera in front of the cluster of whales.

Commenters appreciated Rich’s enthusiasm…

“His reaction had me cracking up. Lmao.”

And others put themselves in Rich’s shoes. While he didn’t seem all that scared, maybe he really was…

“I would have died from a heart attack if I would have been so close to whales:) agreed they never attack humans and they are beautiful and magnificent creatures:) but it would have scared a hell out of me.”

“OMG…. Amazing video we have seen:) Thanks, guys this truly shows how wonderful how life is. You were all meant to see a close up of the worlds amazing whales feeding:) Not many people get to see up close amazing life from the ocean as you all have:) Thankyou for sharing this video all around the World:)”

And one points out the fact that these are some pretty brave whales, as they didn’t seem threatened by Rich’s approaching boat at all…

“I had an encounter with a pod of untamed dolphins while boating in a beach. But at that time they were swimming away due to the sound of the motor of motor boat. Whereas here, whales appear from nowhere:) plus they were not even swimming away into opposite direction😃😃 surprise wud have been pleasant but shocking at the same time.”