He Finds Creepy Abandoned Home, Steps Inside To See The Last Thing He Expected

Updated September 12, 2017

There is something eerie about walking into a building that has been abandoned. Not long ago, we shared photos from one person who broke into the “creepiest mall in America” and took photographs before it was demolished for a new development. What was inside would have been the perfect setting for a horror movie. But that was a mall. In these photos, you’ll see what one photographer called Vacant Photography took when they found an abandoned home in the French countryside. Years have passed since people lived there and what was inside was a shocking discovery.

Apparently, another photographer told Vacant Photography about the abandoned house in France. This made the professional very curious to document it.

In an interview with LIttleThings.com, the photographer said:

“I got a tip from another photographer about this house, which made me very curious. So, we planned a trip to France to see with our own eyes. At first, it was unsure if we could enter the building. We only go into a building if we can enter it through an open door or window. Everything seemed locked tight. We almost gave up, but made one more round to find a way in, and we did.

“Once inside, you can hardly believe your eyes. All the furniture, paintings, pictures are still there like they were left decades ago. There was so much detail. I hope we can all respect these old buildings; they breathe so much history. It’s always sad to see them get demolished. Hopefully this house can be saved.”

From outside, the abandoned countryside home looks like a mausoleum. If you just glanced at it, you might suspect that it is filled with catacombs and family heirlooms buried with the dead. But Vacant Photography was courageous enough to step through the door and check out the interior.

And when they walked inside, they found history perfectly preserved. Although it had been abandoned for decades, the home still had much of everything needed to support daily life.

The bathroom was still decorated with jewel tones. The kitchen still had an old TV on the counter with large antennas.

Because no one has lived in the space for a long time, the colors are not worn down. They are still vibrant and beautiful. This home decorator was not afraid to invest their creativity into the space – it is just unfortunate that they had to leave it all behind.

Old portraits adorn the walls. A grand piano sits in the living room with music on it just waiting to be played. This home was left in near-perfect condition. Why did this family have to pick up and leave so suddenly? What could have befallen them that would have made them do this?

Based on the room décor and the furniture, this home has not been lived in in decades. Unless of course, people have left it as is over the years and more recently abandoned it.

Based on how it looks on the outside, were you surprised to see this inside the abandoned house in the French countryside?