He Finds Dying Baby In Park, Has No Idea What Animal It Is. So He Raises It To Find Out [photos]

Updated March 20, 2017

During a hot summer day in Florida, Jeff Longo was out for a walk trying to endure the oppressive heat. When all of a sudden, Jeff spotted something that didn’t belong. A tiny animal was lying on the sidewalk – and it was barely breathing.

Jeff could not tell which type of animal it was. The little guy was absolutely tiny. But the Good Samaritan couldn’t abandon the tiny mammal to die. He picked it up and brought it home – then he decided to give the little tyke a name, Biscuits.

Little did Jeff know, but that day would change his life. As he tried to nurse the little mammal back to good health, he discovered that he had rescued what would soon become his new best animal friend. He fell in love with the little guy. He shared a picture of the tiny mammal on Reddit looking for help in identifying his species. They told him that but something so much worse…

Based on his Reddit post, Jeff discovered that Biscuits was a 3cm long southern flying squirrel. But the internet users also told him to give up hope – without his mother, Biscuits would surely die.

But Jeff refused to believe them. Instead, he did everything in his power to prove them wrong.

Jeff kept Biscuits warm. And he fed the little flying squirrel with a bottle. And their bond grew and grew.

Eventually, when he felt it was safe, Jeff introduced Biscuits to the whole family, including his dog. The dog developed a protective relationship over Biscuits and helped Jeff on the journey.

Soon enough, Jeff realized something. The Reddit users had been wrong. Biscuits was not going to die, instead, she was thriving. She had found a way to live without her mother because Jeff provided good care for the tiny southern flying squirrel.

He built Biscuits a little cage filled with nooks and crannies. The little rodent loved her home and cuddled up in the warm looks spaces.

The little squirrel even learned to skateboard, with a lot of help from Jeff.

Because Jeff offered the squirrel love and attention, Biscuits beat the odds and survived. Now she is healthy and happy and still living with Jeff. Alongside his decision to adopt his dog, rescuing the southern flying squirrel that day was one of the best choices he made.

Jeff has documents Biscuits journey through photos and videos. In one viral video, he shows the adolescent squirrel taking flight. The clip, which is included below, went viral and viewed by more than 1.2 million people.

The Chronicle of Biscuits

Watch the squirrel jump off the pullup bar and come flying across the room landing on Jeff’s chest (you can see the landing in the mirror on the other side of the room).

Have you ever rescued an animal that you came across in the wild?

As a child, I found an albino rabbit abandoned in a local park. I took him in and named him Wilson. The vets did not think Wilson would survive. But he did and he was with our family for about a decade.

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