He Forbids His Great Dane From Going In The Pool, The Dog’s Response Has Me In Stitches [video]

Updated March 15, 2017

A pet owner is forced to stop a Great Dane and his buddy from going in the pool. While most animals might just walk away and focus on something else – like a butterfly or a tennis ball – this Great Dane wants to stop for a minute and express his displeasure.

Because he wants nothing more than a quick dip in the cool water, when the owner forbids him from diving in, the dog simply moans and groans about it. Watch the dog express his sorrow at the “no swimming rules” in the viral video below!

The video, which is only about 90-seconds long, shows Max and Katie, the Great Danes, standing near the pool. Max is the white one who really wants to dive into the water. But the owner knows better than to cave into the dog’s demands, although he is quite convincing.

At first, the owner asks Max, “What are you doing? You know you can’t go swimming with your jacket on.”

While his owner talks, Max howls a melancholy utterance. It’s enough to break your heart. But if you look closely you’ll see that the large pooch is equipped with a black jacket around his right leg and his upper back. And the owner doesn’t want him getting that wet.

But Max doesn’t care. He wants one thing and one thing only. He howls with all the passion that he can muster then walks toward the water.

“No. No. Don’t do it. Oh, such complaining,” the owner remarks. “You know you can’t go swimming with your clothes on, but you can complain about it.”

The video is made even funnier because of the dialogue the owner projects onto the dog.

Hundreds of thousands of people have watched this clip on both YouTube and Rumble.

When it was uploaded in February, it was captioned with: “The way he talks back, it is hard to believe that Max the Great Dane is deaf. He can definitely understand sign language and we honestly think he can read lips. Watch and laugh as he has a conversation with Mom, arguing about not going swimming with his jacket on.”

Hundreds of people have left comments, including:

“I really had to laugh. BTW…. You have a really beautiful home. The architecture and the garden landscape supplement each other perfectly well. An astonishing  ensemble.”


“I hope his poops are EXTRA big for you to pick up!” MrJohnnyDistortion wrote.

“privileged dog lives in a mansion and still finds something be whiny about,” joked one viewer.

“Max is beautiful and he certainly likes to talk….I know he is deaf, but I do not think it bothers him……Oh come on mom, let him go swimming…..He is so beautiful…I can tell he is well cared for and exercised…very musculature… Thank you for such good care of this beautiful dog…..love him!” wrote Mickey Nash.

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