He Found This Baby Crying Beside His Dead Mother On The Ground. When He Picks It Up? UNBELIEVABLE

Updated June 20, 2016

Because he grew up in rural Montana, Casey Anderson developed a special connection to nature. And that includes her animals.

But this Montana man developed an extra-special fondness for bears. He soon earned the nickname the “Animal Magnet.” And before long, Anderson dedicated his life to working with bears and one brown bear in particular.

For more than a decade, Anderson has been friends with an 800-pound grizzly bear named Brutus. Despite the tough name, Brutus is a loveable and gentle giant.

Anderson found Brutus abandoned next to his dead mother on a trip to the mountains of Alaska. The “Animal Magnet” rescued and adopted Brutus as a little cub and dedicated his life to raising the bear with the best care possible.

When Brutus outgrew the house, Anderson established the Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary.

Through the organization, Anderson and Brutus work with the public to educate the world about grizzly bears and work to get them off the endangered species list.

When you watch the 3 ½ minute clip below, you’ll see the amazing relationship Anderson and Brutus have developed over the last decade. Who knew a man and bear could possibly be best friends?

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