He Hears Rumble Coming From The Water, Knows This Will Be A Very Rare Event. Hits Record

Updated February 2, 2017

Witnessing a pod of whales break the water, or breach, simultaneously is an extremely rare occurrence, but we just found an incredible video that captured the experience in amazing, “up close and personal” perspective.

In this video clip captured by Bradley Rich, we are sitting right on top of an entire pod of humpback whales as they breach the surface of the water off the coast of Resurrection Bay, Alaska. You are not going to believe this astounding video when you watch it.

This remarkable video has been watched more than nine hundred and ninety nine thousand times since being posted. People from all over the internet have taken to social media to talk about this incredible video, saying things like:

“I would have died from heart attack if I would have been so close to whales. agreed they never attack humans and they’re beautiful and magnificent creatures, but it would have scared the hell out of me.”- Kruti Mehta

“OMG. Amazing video we have seen. Thanks guys this truly shows how wonderful how life is.
You were all meant to see a close up of the world’s amazing whales feeding. Not many people get to see up close amazing life from the ocean as you all have. Thank you for sharing this video all around the World.
Cheers, Dawn and Murray.”- Dawn Johnson

“Wow you are so lucky,and so close to being eaten by those whales feeding,but you lived for the write to see this video. Wow thank you so much for sharing your moment this is one in a life times moment, very lucky you and your female friend.”- Naomi Sturgeon

“We are so fortunate to have whale watching crews and ships to see these AMAZING animals! They are innocent, fascinating, and completely awesome! I have been whale watching before, and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!”- Shradda Singh

“I don’t know what’s more awesome…the whales or the commentary! It’s wonderful to see the natural world giving someone an almost childlike excitement. I think this clip has inspired so many people to love and research these magnificent creatures. I love it so much…one day I hope to be in such proximity to one!”- Nummulite99

“This video took my breath away. I watched it over 10 times. What a unique experience. You’re so lucky you’re reaction is hysterically accurate.”- Sophie the one

“The guy’s reaction is truly awesome! How exciting to experience something like that. Thank you for sharing video!”- TheNatureMamma

“A once-in-a-lifetime thrilling and spiritual privilege and honor – awesome!”- J.A. Brookes

“We were there only last week. Unbelievable what mother nature throws at you.”- Anon.

“Now that’s what I call a magic moment; good for you.”- Senor Fix

“LOVE the wild laughter and giggles!”- Anon.

“Thar she blows!”- Miki Seius

“They were attracted to the freedom trail the American flag left across the ocean as you traveled.”- average joe

“I expected A Whale, not like effing 9 of them…”- Anon.

“Humpbacks are swimming around, having a laugh together, probably coming back from work and one of them, the leader, Tony is like: Hey Jimmy I bet you won’t fart on that guy; Yeah? Hold my beer… Then he simply lets one out 00:58 and then all the whales laugh and swim away. Tony the Humpback Whale is such a manipulator.”- Anon.

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