He Hops On His Horse While Holding An Umbrella. What You’ll Witness When You Hear The Music? WOW

Updated March 11, 2016

Horses are some of the most amazing animals on earth. While we all know that dogs can be trained to perform tricks and even dances, we might forget that horses are equally talented in this regard.

As you’ll see in the video clip below, the horse and his trainer perform a playful show of dressage or the art of riding a horse during a live outdoor French performance.

Undoubtedly, “Singin’ In The Rain” is one of those songs that can get anyone singing and dancing no matter how bad of a mood they’re in.

And when that song comes to mind while you’re outside under the rain drops, you’ll get an entirely new perspective on getting stuck in the drizzle. It becomes romantic and playful.

That’s exactly what this horse trainer captured in the performance you’ll see below. The dressage demonstrated here is playful, fun, and very bouncy. The light-heartedness of the song is perfectly captured in the fluid movements of the horse and trainer.

Besides that, the trainer makes excellent use of the umbrella just like Gene Kelley did in the 1952 hit movie.

What’s your reaction to this performance? Are you impressed by the horse’s dance moves?

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