He Knows Video Of Cat Reacting To Optical Illusion Will Go Viral, So He Hits Record [watch]

Updated April 20, 2017

If you’ve spent some time browsing the internet in recent months, then you probably know what the most popular things online are now. Without a doubt, they come in two categories – cats and optical illusions.

Below, you’ll get to see what happens when you put the two of those things together. While you’ve probably seen videos of cats chasing laser pointers or engaging in ridiculous behavior, when this feline takes a look at the optical illusion, you’ll get to see him having a fit.

In the YouTube video (included below), this curious cat started to lose its mind. Check out the viral clip now!

When the video first starts, we join the cat as it stares passionately at the optical illusion on the paper. While standing on the bed, the owner has placed the complicated paper with magical circles on it before the feline.

It doesn’t take long for the cat to lose its cool.

Within the first several seconds of the video starting, the cat pounces at the center of the paper. Apparently, the feline has seen the object poking out from the center of the page. But he isn’t done yet.

The cat lunges again, but again fails to catch the 3D prey. For the next half minute, the cat steps on the paper and continues to strike out at the invisible object rising from the printout.

While you might suspect that the cat gets bored, it doesn’t. Instead, the feline grows more interested in catching the strange object lifting off the page. So much so, the cat starts biting the edge of the paper.

By the end of the video, the cat starts eating the paper along the corner of the page. But that doesn’t mean the cat is done for good. He plans to come back for more soon.

Since this clip was uploaded last week, more than 3 million people have tuned in to watch this cat lose its mind over the optical illusion. Thousands of viewers like you have left comments. Here are a few popular ones:

Skidword Tentukals wrote, “My cat did the same thing with my math homework.”

“Now this is some classic YouTube material here. Am I right or am I right?” wrote Tentative Dan.

“This shows cats have eyes are close to human eyes to see that optical illusion if you think about it would a parrot be able to do that?” shared Eitan Blaiberg.

Although this cat is fascinated with the optical illusion, other felines don’t seem to be. Phantom Witch wrote, “I showed my cat the same optical illusion. She wasn’t impressed…”

Anaya Siraj wrote, “I had no idea optical illusions worked on animals…” Did you know they could?

What do you think about this curious cat? Have you ever felt the same way about an optical illusion?

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