He Knows Video Of Ocean From His Cruise Cabin Window Will Go Viral, So He Hits Record [watch]

Updated March 20, 2017

Over the past few years, Stephen Burke has worked as a music performer on the Royal Caribbean cruise line. When he is not on stage entertaining the guests, he gets to lounge back in his cabin with a window and looks out on some of the most beautiful harbors and tropical views anywhere in the world.

While Burke is used to seeing bright blues and greens and lots of sun – and of course rain on the cloudy days, what he experienced in February 2016 was something straight out of a nightmare. Although he did not release the footage until last week, it is just as terrifying as the moment when he filmed it about a year ago.

Check out the terrifying footage below!

Burke wrote that the storm lasted for fourteen hours. And if he didn’t know if he suffered from seasickness or not, these huge waves were going to put him through the test.

What you must remember while watching Burke’s footage is that he is filming the waves from the third-floor deck. That means the ocean is swelling three stories into the air at some points.

At the 1:15-mark something extraordinary happens. A wave comes out of nowhere and smashes Burke’s window while he is filming.

That wave effectively ushered in a series of more that continued to deluge the large vessel with sea water.

During the video, one of the men looking out at the waves, says “We’re just staying in one place, hoping not to die.”

When it smashes into the boat, the other one utters, “Jesus Christ man. We’re underwater, under the third floor.”

The storm was terrible for the cruise ship. Like the Titanic, the ship suffered damages. But it, fortunately, remained afloat. But four people were injured during the 14-hour storm.

Although it can be hard to see in the footage, at times the boat leaned at a 45-degree angle over the precipice of the ocean.

The National Weather Services Ocean Prediction Center alerted the public four days before the storm. But Royal Caribbean claimed they never got any notice and steered the ship toward the storm.

The cruise departed Florida for the Bahamas. Because the storm was so bad, every guest on board was offered a full refund and access to discounts on future cruises.

The video went viral on YouTube and here are some of the comments viewers like you left:

Liandra G wrote, “You are so calm! I would’ve been freaking out!”

“The fact that they are so calm, shows how stupid some of the passengers were that were freaking out and suing the cruise line later. The crew knew it was no big deal, and that everything would be alright,” wrote Josh Richards.

In response Burke wrote, “Full faith in these beautiful ships and the fantastic crew.”

What do you think about this storm? Would you have been calm during it if you were on the ship?

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