He Knows What Grandma Is About To Do Will Go Viral, So He Hits Record. Now She’s Famous

Updated February 13, 2017

When is the last time your song came on the radio? Perhaps, you were driving and just needed to wait in the parking lot for the song to finish and THEN you could turn your car off and go inside. Or perhaps, you had a similar experience to this grandmother – she was cooking dinner when her favorite song of all time popped on the radio. She just had to stop doing what she was doing and start dancing the way she always wanted to be dancing.

With no one in the room except her grandchild to embarrass, this funky grandmother started grooving out to Vanilla ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” like it was the 1990s again. Watch as the song takes her over and she starts dancing around the kitchen, even taking up the small dog as her dance partner.

This video is guaranteed to make you smile. If you, or someone you know, is in a sour mood today, play this one. Watching this granny shake her money maker will make you smile from ear to ear. Check it out now!

Right from the start of the video, Mama C, who is standing at the stove, is shaking her hips and grooving her slippered feet. Then she picks up the sauce pan and stirs to the rhythm of the famous rap song.

With her groove on full blast, Mama C turns toward her grandson and then starts toeing her way toward him. The young man can’t help but burst out laughing because he is catching this all on video.

Watch at the 20-second mark when Mama C kicks off her slippers so she can get even better dance moves grooving.

Throughout the whole encounter, the small dog stares up at the grandmother at a total loss. Apparently, the animal has never seen her dance like this before.

Since this video was uploaded is has been viewed almost a staggering 8.5 million times.

Read what some of the die-hard Mama C fans have to say about her dance moves:

“Why do you young people think we have no moves? Kids, we INVENTED moves!” YouTube user, GrannyGamer1, wrote.

In response, Kakemagi wrote, “I love your comment! I´m 34 and my mom frequently rocks around the house with her grandkids dancing along. It´s so cool!”

Ruby Heartec wrote, “Vanilla Ice needs to see this.”

Bonnie Armstond wrote: “I think she is fantastic. What’s so funny? She has some real good moves and stamina. I envy her. It brings back memories of my mom. Love this.”

“Way to go! I’m 70 and also dance when I’m cooking or doing any chores. I’m jealous tho- How did she learn to do that dance?” Norma Fitzgerald wrote.

“and She’s GREAT!!!! beautifull, very nice, so much joy, and happiness.. I love her! greetings from Venezuela!” Maria Rojas contributed.

“I can soooo see my mom doing this, This woman even looks a little like my mom before she got so sick…..Made me cry…..” user FreedomSeaker1 wrote.

What do you think? Does it lighten your day to see people like her let loose?

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