He Mixes Oreos Into Ice Cream Then Tosses It Into A Cake Pan. After 35 Minutes In The Oven? NO WAY

Updated April 8, 2016

When it comes to Oreos, there are lots of ways to use the treat. But when this video about cookies and cream ice cream bread was released on YouTube, it went viral!

Viewers like you were blown away that this recipe only included three ingredients and really tasted great. Check it out and see what all the buzz is about!

To create this delicious food, you’ll need a dozen Oreo cookies, a container of cookies and cream ice cream and self-rising flour.

First comes a fun part. Take a rolling pin and bash the Oreos into crumbs. Make sure they’re in a sealed bag so cookie pieces don’t fly everywhere.

Pour the cookie crumbs into a mixing bowl and then dump in the flour. Last but not least, pour the room temperature ice cream into the mixing bowl.

Now mix all three ingredients together and stir your dough.

Line your loaf tray with parchment paper and then dollop in your ice cream dough batter.

Instead of succumbing to temptation and eating your batter, put it in your oven and bake it for 35-minutes.

To make sure it’s done, pierce the center and the let it cool on a wire rack.

When you’re ready, cut a slice of the Oreo ice cream bread and enjoy!

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