He Opened His In Flight Meal And Noticed A Horrible Smell, Then He Spots It On The Package

Updated August 21, 2017

For years airlines have gotten a bad name for the food or lack of food that they provide on flights.

Recently one passenger learned just how bad the food selection was on an Easyjet flight from Greece to the United Kingdom.

While Adrian Bell and his wife were traveling home after a vacation, he purchased a cheese toastie, but when he went to open the package, he was alerted to date that was printed on the label. The use by date said “June 16, 2007.”

This product wasn’t just a tad overdue, it was a whopping ten years overdue. Apparently, the airline doesn’t inventory their snacks very often.

When the 59-year-old made a complaint to the flight attendant, she responded with…

“We should charge you more, it’s an antique.” She then proceeded to tell him that no one else had complained about the overdue items.

Evidently, the staff had looked at the month and day, instead of the year.

Bell wanted to make sure the rest of the passengers knew about the expired items since the flight attendants continued to pass them out. Since he was so hungry and had paid for the item, he tasted it and admitted that it still tasted okay but it was overcooked.

Since the incident, Bell has been trying to get a hold of customer service.

“I’ve been writing to customer service but they just don’t answer,” said Bell. “It was dangerous serving it, we don’t know how long it’s been frozen for.”

According to the airline, the sandwich was still in date and the label had been printed incorrectly. They made the following statement…

“We have looked into this with our in-flight partner and they have confirmed that this sandwich was in date.”

While it was just a printing error, we can see why Bell was startled to see the very old date attached to the item.

Commenters shared their thoughts on it…

“Not good enough, too careless!! obviously, they are not checked as they should be.”

“I would have thrown it out the window just to be safe.”

One made a good point about storage…

“Duh, just a typo. Where would they store it that long.”

Since the numbers on the packaging are pretty in line with the current date, it is fairly obvious that it was a printing error, however; it’s surprising that other passengers didn’t notice the error.

“Come on use a little common sense so they just happen to serve a sandwich that’s been missing in action for 10years at the appropriate date bar the year. It’s pretty obvious someone set the date stamp up incorrectly putting a zero instead of a one !!! 10 years it would be like concrete and moldy…. he ate it for god sake !”

And some found the humor in the situation…

“Love the response from the flight attendant, “We should charge you more, it’s an antique, now that is funny.”

And if Bell had been really concerned about his health, maybe he shouldn’t have eaten the sandwich and just demanded his money back.