He Peels A Coconut And It Looks Different Than Expected. Here’s 8 Other Fruits They Tried (photos)

Updated July 20, 2017

Some fruits you’re used to peeling. Like apples and oranges and bananas, you probably remove the skins often while enjoying them. You know what an orange looks like when the thick rind is removed from its juicy meats and same for the banana. But how about perfectly peeling other fruits? Do you care to see what lies inside these common foods that you’ve never seen before? In the ten images below, you’ll get a look inside the grotesque world of what lies beneath a skin’s fruit. Check out these ten photos from perfectly peeled fruits.

When taken out of their skin, the following fruits look deceptively naked. Bored Panda compiled the ten images and shared them with readers online. And we’re sharing them with you.

  1. The first perfectly peeled fruit shared is the clementine wedge. It’s supple orange flesh looks alive. And dozens of people share comments and reactions to the image including:

Closeups I took, of a peeled clementine wedge. These fascinates me a bit too much…

“I still do that to every piece before eating it…”

“I like to pop the individual bits with my teeth and suck out the juice.”

“I cannot eat any citrus unless it looks like this. Takes me half an hour to eat an orange.”

  1. Now if you thought the naked clementine was strange, this unsettling picture of a perfectly peeled watermelon will get your insides twisting.

The bright red meat of the watermelon looks like something that was once alive as well. And viewers were equally shocked by the image:

“So smooth it makes me want to touch it and roll it around in my hands.”

“imagine biting into this O: I’m so tempted to do that now!!”

“That looks cool. I juice watermelons and there is nothing in hot weather, but I found out I was doing it wrong. Most of the nutrition in watermelons is in the white rind. So now I use a commercial fruit peeler to take off the green skin and juice the whole thing. With a watermelon this size I usually get about 2-gallons of juice! You can also eat the green skin if you clean it first. Search for watermelon health benefits.”

  1. When someone peeled a coconut without breaking the meaty center, they revealed a hairy egg-shaped object that left viewers stunned:

Soo, I just peeled a coconut without breaking it.

“Kinda looks like a compressed brain to me.”

“It’s so cool looking that it is almost a work of art.”

    1. Another person peeled a cherry for fun and ended up revealing a shocking truth that blew their mind.

I peeled a Cherry for fun and it blew my mind

“Looks like an alien egg”

    1. Peeled grapes left viewers with nightmares.

“literally, who has the time and patience to peel grapes? I know who doesn’t….. (*coughs uncomfortably)”

    1. A peeled peach looks like more ordinary than the rest of the fruits in these images.

“This one is not shocking, very familiar actually. This is how peaches in peach cans look like. Sometimes sliced, sometimes not.”

    1. The peeled coconut in this image was taken out of the egg-shaped shell in the previous one.

“I grew up on a tropical island and never have I seen this done to a coconut”

  1. The peeled blueberry reveals a non-blue center.

“Kinda looks like an eyeball..”

  1. A perfectly peeled avocado looks beautiful.

“I want it in my stomach!”

What do you think about these images? Are you surprised to see the insides of fruits?

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