He Posts Video Of Mom Without Her Knowing, Leads To 15 Minutes Of Fame She Never Saw Coming

Updated March 13, 2017

One thing everyone has in common is the desire to find true love. Even those of us with meaningful fulfilling lives would love to find that special someone who could share in their joys and pains throughout life. But some people just need a little more help in finding “the one” than the rest of us.

Well, we just found an amazing video on YouTube that was created by a young man who thinks it is about time his mother found “the one.” You are going to love this heartwarming commercial about an amazing lady who needs to find Mr. Right, when you watch it. Who knows? Maybe you might be the one!

Alex Norgay has an amazing mother who leads an active passionate life. She goes cross country skiing, swimming in the frigid waters off her home in Scandinavia, and loves dancing, art, beer, and her friends and family.

But he also thinks that it is time for his mom to settle down and find Mr. Right. So he made this amazing video to find the guy who will appreciate her and fall in love.

And he did not tell his mother that he was making the video. So he managed to capture the most awesome woman in his life being totally herself. And from the looks of it, she is a real catch.

This video has been watched more than fifteen million times and has over two thousand comments. Some people are saying things like:

“I found the love of my life at the age of 50, so there are no limits to finding true love. I wish your mum all the best and hope she finds a man worthy of her love and devotion. She seems pretty wonderful!”- Martha Mawsen

“aaaaw that’s so beautiful, and that woman is so interesting and in great shape.
P.s. Alex is pretty handsome too.”- Rebekah Abdagic

“She is very fit. She is more athletic than me! And I’m half her age. I should really start exercising.”- The Yazmaninian

“OH MY GOODNESS! I am touched beyond words. This is so beautiful Alex! Your mom is an absolute gem! Is she smitten with someone yet?”- Banshee Moon

“Every mother is crying saying he is such a good son!! How sweet. Best wishes.”- Beck Frufry

“She already has one good man in her life. You’re a wonderful son, Alex. Your mom seems like a real gem as well. May love find her.”- Alicialand

“Your Mom is the sweetest, I love how active and fit she is. I’m sure she won’t have a problem finding an equally awesome man, she has lots to offer 🙂 Can’t wait for the update!”-Sashafire1987

“Your mother sounds amazing – and still so pretty, too! She really makes me feel I should be doing more with my life. I really hope she can find someone worth of such a special lady.”- Kerensa Burch

“I am not Adam, but I just wanna say that I LOVE your mother – her spirit, her smile, her vivid personality and for raising a good man like yourself! Be happy, be-in- Love!”- Anon.

“Your mother must be a remarkable person to have raised such a good and loving son. I wish her to find a man matching her in heart and mind.”- Vato Katchibaia

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