He Pranks His Friend Into Thinking He Got Impaled By Chainsaw, Guy’s Reaction Has Gone Viral

Updated July 19, 2017

When a Norwegian man watched a chainsaw kill his friend, he fainted. But when he woke up, he soon realized that his was the victim of a horrible prank. Tom Daniel Hansen Sylte from Trondheim, Norway worked in the garage with his friend as he set up the practical joke. While his friend inspected the car engine, Sylte started using the chainsaw to cut wooden planks with his back turned to the companion. When the friend working on the car had his back turned, Sylte switched the real chainsaw with a fake one that didn’t have a blade. Then he held it to his stomach and staggered backward falling to the ground in mock death.

Fake blood began spurting from Sylte’s garish “wound.” And he was screaming. Then the friend turned around and watched as Sytle writhed in pain on the ground. The chainsaw appeared to be jammed into the young man’s stomach.

In response, the friend threw his hands up to his face in disbelief. Then his body started shaking uncontrollably. He was freaking out that his best friend was dying in front of him.

Then the pranked friend fell to the ground in a pile of shock and unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Sytle rose to his feet and laughed along with the cameraman. The friend was unconscious for a good fifteen seconds. Then the victim of the prank started waking up. His foot is seen shaking in shock and probably an overload of adrenaline.

Then the pranked friend pulled himself to his feet. The panic that had overtaken him quickly gave way to anger as he realized that the entire accident had been fabricated.

He then punched Sytle in the chest before storming from the scene outraged that he had been tricked to think his friend was dead.

Sylte gets a rush from pranking his friends. He shared this video to Facebook where it quickly went viral from the sheer audacity of the prank. He commented:

“There have long been requests for crazy pranks! This is the best of all I’ve done.”

While thousands have liked his video, others think it is horrible.

Stig Tangerås said: “What a stupid sense of humor.”

And Odin Exex added: “My mother would have died of fright.”

Readers on Daily Mail shared their thoughts too. Here were some popular ones:

“There are jokes, and there are jokes. This certainly wasn’t something anyone should do. His friend could literally have had a heart attack, and died. All for a joke!!”

“Men. I swear they do such stupid things. Good thing his friend didn’t pass out and hit his head on a rock.”

“Stupid prank could have given the coworker a heart attack, then who’d be laughing? Not funny.”

“I want to see the end of the video! You know… the part where the victim takes the chainsaw and shoves it up the prankster’s…” wrote J. Smithy.

Do you think the prankster went too far with this one?

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