He Puts Two Pounds of Onions In A Crockpot For 7 Hours Resulting In The Best Version I’ve Had

Updated February 13, 2017

Whenever French onion soup is on the menu, I order it as an appetizer. I love the texture and taste of the decadent dish and agree why it is called “everyone’s favorite.” But the last time I made it at home, I said, ‘never again.’ Why? Because it is time consuming and takes a lot of extra work and if I’m not being paid to do it, like the cooks that restaurants, then why should I put myself through the burden?

But last time I didn’t use my slow cooker. When I stumbled onto this recipe a few days ago, I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t thought to use my slow cooker last time I made the soup. So, armed with this recipe, which is included below for you, I made French onion soup as a little something extra for my Super Bowl gathering – and it was a major it! (Even more popular than the Buffalo wings)

With this crockpot recipe, you just need to do a few minutes of prep and then set it and forget it. It’s perfect if you’re busy but still want to enjoy a decadent French onion soup. Check out this recipe below and print it out for dinner tonight!

Because the entire thing cooks for several hours – without needing your constant attention – the onion flavor really adds to the broth.

The following slow cooker French onion soup recipe serves six people, requires about 10 minutes of prep time, and a day letting the slow cooker do what it does best.

Gather the following ingredients to get started:

-4 large onions, sliced
-2 tbsp. butter
-1 tsp. sugar
-2 quarts beef broth, no sodium added
-1/4 cup sherry
-2 sprigs fresh thyme
-1 ½ tsp salt
-pepper to taste
-1 cup croutons plain
-8 ounces gruyere cheese, sliced (substitute with swiss if you must)

Place your onions, butter, sugar, and salt at the bottom of your 6-quart slow cooker. Cover and cook these ingredients on high for 7 hours. You’ll know it’s done when your onions are soft and brown.

Now add the beef broth, sherry, thyme sprigs, and cracked pepper to taste. Cover it again and cook on high for another hour. When that’s done, remove the lid and add the croutons and gruyere cheese. If you want to melt the cheese more, cover and cook for another 15 minutes.

At this point you can ladle your soup into serving bowls and pass it out to your drooling fans.

Do you want the “pick the broiled cheese of the side of the mug” effect? Well, this recipe has got you covered. Just ladle the finished product into oven safe mugs and sprinkle with cheese then pop it in your broiler.

Here’s what people said about the Betty Crocker recipe:

“When all was said and done I used garlic croutons and Swiss cheese making the best lunch ever! Yummy!”

“This is wonderful. Better than some restaurants. Flavors blend very well together. I followed the recipe word for word.”

Will you try slow cooker French onion soup?

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