He Puts White Christmas Lights All Over His Home, Keep Your Eye On The Red Star [video]

Updated December 9, 2016

Every year people string together lots of Christmas lights to decorate their homes. Sometimes neighbors ban together to create displays that light up the block. When they do, they display proof that the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

But often one house simply outshines the rest of the people in the neighborhood. It has nothing to do with out-staging the neighbors. Instead, it just shows that the people in that home have a lot of Christmas spirit. Perhaps, they just love decorating for the holiday. Maybe they love the story of Santa Claus. Or they’re spirited Christians who want to celebrate the birth of Baby Jesus.

While you’ve certainly seen your share of Christmas lights display over the years – including ones that correspond to holiday tunes and other extravagant music – you probably haven’t seen one as spectacular as this one.

This home has sequenced their light display to Amazing Grace. Watch the video below and you’ll feel the presence of God in the lights. Don’t delay. Check this one out now!

Watch as more than 100,000 Christmas lights glorify the Lord on this most sacred holiday. The display is part of the YouTube channel titled Lights for Riley and is a testament to love and the lord above.

The lights were sequenced by Richard Holdman of Holdman Christmas and the sequence was edited by Nick Watkins of Lights For Riley.

“Lights For Riley is a Computerized Christmas Light Show featuring over 250 individual circuits and over 100,000 lights; All dedicated to Riley Hospital for Children and running during the Christmas Holiday Season,” the YouTube channel states.

In just 2-minutes of video footage, you’ll see the dark home light up and glorify the savior born on December 25th millennia ago.

The music booms with the love and inspiring song that will touch your heart. But that love is only enhanced by the beauty of the light display here. It is unlike any I’ve ever seen before. Can you get more of a display of faith than this? I don’t think so.

More than half a million people have tuned in to watch this touching rendition. Besides the music, the lights will touch your soul, too.

Here are what a number of fans of the Christmas display said in the comments:

“Fantastic!!! Keep up all the good work!”

“Fantastic. Love it”


“I LOVE this vid.”

Amazing Grace was written by the English poet and Anglican clergyman, John Newton. It was published as a Christian hymn back in 1779. To create the ever-lasting testament, Newton pulled from his personal experience to write the words. Because he grew up without a religious conviction, his life was a long lesson about finding faith in God.

Newton started by enrolling in the Royal Navy of England. Then he found a job in the Atlantic slave trade. It wasn’t until 1748, when Newtown was already in his twenties that he started to lean on God. During a terrible storm while out as sea, he called out to God for mercy and was immediately answered. At that moment, he said he was converted.

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