He Really Wanted A Swimming Pool In His Backyard, But It Was Too Expensive. What He Builds? AMAZING!

Updated May 10, 2016

When one dedicated father heard his children begging him for a swimming pool, Jose Franco, a native of Brazil, didn’t want to tell them the harsh truth. He didn’t have enough money to get them what they wanted.

But Franco really wanted a backyard that he and his family could enjoy all summer long. Instead of giving up, he decided to get creative and build something that ended up being much more impressive than an ordinary pool.

Franco bought a small pool with a plastic wall and simply placed it on a blue tarp. But he wasn’t done yet! No, not even close.

To make sure the small pool stays securely in place, he crafted a wooden support system to surround the soon-to-be pool.

After the scaffold and supports are in place, Franco lines it with beautiful stained wood planks to create a deck around the pool.

But he’s not quite satisfied. This dedicated father realizes he needs a safe way for his kids to go in and out of the pool. So he sets out to build a small staircase.

After that, his family is ready to enjoy the summer. What a great dad!



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