He Reeled In A Bass, But When He Looked In Its Mouth He Almost Passed Out

Updated August 8, 2017

A fisherman and his friend were excited to participate in an angling tournament in Ontario, Canada. He had been fishing for most of his life and was eager to show his skills off in the competition. So teamed up with his friend, Cole Menard and Alex MacFarlane joined the others at the July 29 Bass Anglers Association club and began tossing out their lines to catch the biggest bass. But when Menard reeled in a fish, he thought it had a Senko lure in its mouth. These lures look like long, icky worms. But as Wide Open Spaces reported, it was not a lure that was lodged in the bass’s mouth, it was a LIVE snake. The two fishermen screamed when they realized the snake had gotten into the fish’s mouth.

Menard had never seen anything like this before. Although he had been bass fishing for most of his life, never once did he see a snake lurking inside the mouth of a fish.

“We removed the hook, removed the snake and put the fish in the live well – as it was a decent keeper! Tossed the snake back in the water and watched it swim away. Definitely looked at home in the water,” MacFarlane said.

In the video below, which was captured by MacFarlane, you can see the live snake “swimming” around in the bass’s mouth. It is amazing to have caught this type of critter.

In the video, Menard is shaking like a leaf. He looks terrified at the “monster” he just pulled from the Canadian waters. It certainly is creepy to reel in a bass and get a double whammy – with a snake in the mouth as a bonus.

Although it is strange to catch a fish with an animal in its mouth, this type of thing has happened in the past. An Australian angler hooked a fish and found a snake curled up inside the underwater creature.

And not long ago, we reported on a fisherman who pulled up a fish with a MOLE inside its mouth. In that image, the mole was seemingly clawing its way out of the mouth of the fish – that was a disturbing found to say the least.

Ever since 2009, the idea of catching a fish with a snake in its mouth has become a sort of internet prank. Although it seems to have happened on a few occasions, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission told KTHV that “the odds of that happening are almost nil.”

For anyone who fishes, this is good news. You shouldn’t have to worry about catching a bass or any other fish with a snake in its mouth. But as you can see when you watch the video below, this type of thing does happen and does terrifying the fisherman witnessing it. Just look how terrified Menard looks in the video – he is shaking like a leaf!

Have you ever seen something like this when you’ve gone out fishing?

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