He Saved This Octopus’ Life, But Then He Got A Thank You He Never Saw Coming

Updated August 9, 2017

It’s easy to surpass stranded sea creatures when you are strolling along the beach as they tend to blend in with the sand and water. But, every now and then you manage to catch sight of one and save a life.

One man had the rescue of a lifetime and he was rewarded greatly for it.

When the man was walking along the beach he came across an octopus who was struggling to breathe. He was gasping for air and needed to get back into the water quickly. Apparently, the octopus must’ve been spending time in the shallow water before it got pulled in by the tide and left stranded on the beach. The eight-legged creature was stuck in the sand just as the man was walking by and luckily he jumped into action. He used a small plastic cup to complete the rescue. After filling it with a little water he scooped up the octopus and gently guided him back into the shallow water.

The man watched to make sure the octopus was safely back into his natural habitat and soon the creature was breathing again and blinking his big eyes. The man was glad the little guy was safe and sound, but what happened next left him amazed and stunned.

The octopus then crept over to the man’s boot and reached two of his tentacles out so they were touching the boot. It was as if he was thanking the man for saving his life. After he stayed there for a few moments he pushed off the boot and soared through the water. But he stuck around the shallow water for about an hour before he ventured out into the deeper waters.

In a video that has gone viral, the octopus can be seen in action as he surprises the man with a goodbye thank you.

You can see the octopus coming back to life after he is placed back in the water. He starts to breathe heavier and his tentacles stretch out and move. And then it inches across the water directly toward the man’s boot and just rests there for a moment. After what appears to be a thank you, the little guys scoots back out to the water.

Commenters shared their thoughts on the viral video…

“I want so badly to dismiss this as curiosity, but I really can’t, the little fellow gave his appreciation.”

“I like how you can see the air being cycled out as it breathes.”

“I was really hoping he was going to write thank you in the sand.”

This is a perfect example of how sea life is mysterious and we are constantly discovering new things about the creatures that live beneath the water. While most don’t believe that sea creatures have feelings, maybe they actually do and this little guy was showing his appreciation for the man’s kind gesture. It is moments like this that really make you appreciate life and value even the tiny little living beings that make up the world.