He Sees Two Horses And Thinks They’re Dogs Like Him, Leads To Hilarious Interaction [video]

Updated April 20, 2017

Horses and dogs have worked with humans for thousands of years and helped us build our civilization from the ground up. Without these two species, it could be argued, human society would not have progressed to where we are today.

Well, we just found a fun video that shows what happens when a dog tries to get two horses to play with him in a playground. If you are an animal lover like we are, you are just going to die when you watch this clip.

Dogs and horses have played an important role in our civilization. They have helped us travel across the globe, hunted and fought alongside us, helped us watch over our flocks and herds, and even been a valuable source of energy for early industrial activities.

Today there are more than three hundred recognized breeds of horses, from massive draught animals like the Clydesdales of Anheuser-Busch fame, to the fleet-footed Arabians used in horse racing, down to the tiny Shetland pony, which was bred to pull carts and plows.

Horses are among the smartest of all domesticated animals, alongside dogs.

The domesticated dog arose from wolf populations that had lost their fear of humans, around fifteen thousand years ago. Smaller, calmer wolves would find themselves welcomed into human camps, as we shared food with each other. Eventually, the wolves became smaller and smaller, and more docile, until they preferred human companionship to that of other wolves, and they became the modern dog. Genetically speaking, however, there is absolutely no difference between your little Pekinese curled up on your lap, and a pack of timberwolves bringing down a bison in Yellowstone National Park, so, just remember that the next time you decide to play games with your pup.

“I think dogs and horse get along very well, of course if the dog is biting at the horse’s legs from behind, then what would you expect? I believe they used to have the firemen’s dogs run alongside the horses of their horse-drawn fire-fighting carriages back in the day.”- Sam Percy

“‘Those are the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen!’”- Teal155

“So sweet and lovely dog.”- Lulu Nanoos

“Horses don’t have time for your golden shenanigans!”- Anon.

“Was anyone else afraid the dog was gonna get kicked in the head by one of the horse’s rear hooves? I mean, this was cute and it made me smile, but at the same time I was a little worried.”- Mia King

And over on Facebook folks were commenting:

“He just wanted to play! It so good to see the officers and that there horses have a good place to take a break from things. God bless u all!”- Kelly Baker

“main reason why i love dogs and horses, they are so friendly and sweet, they can make friends with anything. Love this.”- Lanie Lane

“That is so awesome.”- Rosey Butterworth

“Big big doggies. Play with me!”- Aimee Amagone

“Poor pup thinks the horses are big dogs lol.”- Deb Raynes

“These horses don’t even listen to the dog.”- Rick Jervis

“Well he wanted to play but the horses ignored him. Bummer.”- Cheryl Sigafoos

“So cute! Looks like the dog is saying ‘mom look how big these dogs are.’”- Marcia Patterson

“Definitely the “BIG DOG PARK.”- Dianna Creswell

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