He Sends Graduation Picture To The Wrong Number. Stranger’s Response Makes The Nightly News

Updated November 13, 2017

It can be very embarrassing to call or text the wrong number. And if you’re sending photos, you can to be careful not to send them to the wrong person. More people than ever before share revealing pictures of themselves via text message. And if sent to the wrong person, it can cause a lot of trouble.

But when a college graduate shared a picture of himself in his cap and gown, he wanted to share it with the world. As he sent the message to all of his friends and family, he accidentally sent it to a wrong number. Justin Campbell, a recent graduate from Coastal Carolina, didn’t expect a response back to his picture. Instead, he got a very uplifting message from the stranger.

While Campbell meant to send the graduation photo to someone he knew, he accidentally sent them to real estate agent Roger Hawkins.

“[It was] Just a couple of photos, and obviously it was the wrong number, and I knew that,” Hawkins explained to ABC Columbia.

The father of three, who sings in a punk rock band at night, was shocked to receive a message from a stranger. But when he saw that it was a young gentleman in a cap and gown, he couldn’t help but feel excited. Instead of ignoring the text, Hawkins sent a selfie of himself with some words of encouragement plus a link to a custom playlist on iTunes.

Hawkins sent a picture of himself giving the camera a thumbs up along with a big goofy smile. He then wrote, “Congrats fellas. The skies (sic) the limit!”

Because he knew that it was funny, Campbell used his Twitter account @YoungGus10 to share the photos with all his friends and followers. Everyone got a kick out of Hawkins’s silly response.

“Accidentally sent these pictures to the wrong number yesterday. The response was legit tho. Really made me smile.”

About 80,000 people liked Campbell’s tweeted, and tens of thousands of others retweeted it to their friends and followers.

When he shared the images on Twitter, Campbell accidentally posted Hawkins’s number. As a result, people are sending him photos and responses much as Campbell did.

One young lady shared a photo of herself saying “You’re amazing and all of Twitter loves you.”

And then Hawkins responded to her image, “Huh?” with a picture of himself pointing toward his face.

Because Hawkins took a moment to respond to Campbell’s “wrong number” text, he has brought joy to thousands of people across the country and the world. Other graduates have shared their photos to Hawkins eager for his response. And he has delivered an encouraging word to every one of them in their due time.

“I’ve had a kid reach out to me from Nigeria, another from the Netherlands. It’s been really incredible,” Hawkins told ABC Columbia.

The father of three and real estate agent added, “For me, it was just kind of like a simple thing.”

What do you think about this heartwarming encounter between strangers?