He Set Up A Camera To Film What His Dog Does When His Head Is Underwater, Goes Viral [watch]

Updated April 21, 2017

This dog clearly has no clue what’s going on when her owner goes underwater in the swimming pool, but wow, is her freak out so adorable and heartwarming.

She really is worried about what happens to her human. The panic is real.

This man explained that his dog, Bella, “has a fascination with splash water, she just watches the splash and even barks at it.” So, he decided to play around with little Bella and get her reaction to the splashing.

But then things took a weird turn, as Bella’s owner explained what happened next: “When I got into the water she watched me like a hawk. My wife noticed when I went under the water she would go nuts and start barking.”

The video shows Bella running alongside the pool barking at her owner underwater. She gets a little panicky and actually wants to help him to the surface.

Bella stands close to the edge before taking a pause and jumping in to rescue her owner. It’s the sweetest thing ever, as Bella swims to him and gives him kisses as he holds the dog in his arms. It seems like this little hero is proud of her life-saving efforts.

Her owner explained, “Based on her reactions we thought she was afraid the water was hurting me.”

Commenters on the Daily Mail’s coverage of this story were impressed with Bella’s heroic efforts, with notes such as: “am coming hoooooooman. I come to rescue you!!!!! I may be small but I am fierce!!!!! Help is on the way!!!!!!,” “Truly man’s best friend right there,” and “Another example of why dogs are better than humans.”

One commenter noted that her dog isn’t quite this brave, but the love is still there, writing: “My dog just stand on the beach and barks at me but I love her just the same.”

Another echoed this comment, writing: “I have three bull terriers and I love em to bits…but if I did that they would probably drown me by accident whilst trying to rescue me….they almost kill me with excitement every night when i get home…”

Other fans of Bella’s rescue efforts commented: “Not the most graceful of dives but cute nonetheless,” “Dogs are just dogs they don’t know if there big or small!! They just want to help!! Just wonderful !,” “A tiny dog with the heart of a lion.”

Another simply stated: “I love dogs sooooooo much!,” while another person noted: “Some people say our beloved dogs don’t love us … this is more proof that they certainly do.”

At least one person wasn’t all that impressed, commenting: “Yes she’s panicking and scared – not sweet at all. This dipstick for an owner doesn’t deserve her loyalty. Why would you deliberately upset your dog?”

And then there are some comments about how a cat would handle the situation: “If this was my cat she would sit there and watch me drown. Lol….still love her to bits” and “My 2 cats would have ordered pizza (on my credit card) and eaten it as they watched me drown. And I would have paid for it happily.”