He Sits Down At A Piano In A Train Station. Now Watch What Happens When The Guy In White Joins Him..

Updated February 22, 2016

Around the world, people speak a ridiculous amount of different languages. Each country has it’s own language, and many have other regional dialects that number in the hundreds – it would be almost impossible to count them all. But one language that every single soul across the world speaks has no words, only sounds – the sounds of music.

Back in 2013, the SNCF Train Company began placing pianos in their stations for travelers and passer-by to enjoy on their way to the next meeting or luncheon. The idea caught on, and no these “a vous de jour” pianos can be found in stations all over the city of Paris.

One of the many amazing impromptu piano performances in these stations began with a friendly stranger, simply pressing on some keys. Suddenly it gets a little more complicated, his fingers moving faster and faster over the ivory until they become a blur.

Moments later, another piano player joins him – a total stranger, just wanting to create beautiful music too. Despite the interruptions from the loudspeaker, these random piano players continue along with their beautiful sounds as if nothing is happening.

These two guys don’t speak the same language, don’t live in the same country and don’t even know each other’s names. Yet neither of them lets any of that get in the way of an inspiring performance, a duet for the ages among two strangers that will never set eyes on each other again. We are just lucky that someone had a camera on hand to capture this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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