He Starts By Digging 12 Holes Next To His Pool. Now He Has The Ultimate Backyard Setup

Updated September 1, 2016

Let me ask you a simple question. What is the best way to relax in the summer? People have all different kinds of answers to this seemingly simple question. And it depends a lot on your unique personality. Some people love to go camping and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Others love trekking it to the beach or the lake to go swimming, boating, or fishing. Others yet just love a relaxing day with the family, barbecuing some burgers, and hanging out by the pool.

Whether you’re in the pool or on the deck, being near the blue water soothes the soul. But poolside decks take a lot of work and put a heavy strain on your wallet. At least that’s what we thought…

If you agree that relaxing next to your pool is one of your favorite ways to spend summer, we’ve got an awesome DIY project to share with you. Check out how this ordinary guy created a spectacular poolside feature that has left his neighbors steaming with envy…

With some lumber, tools, and a whole lot of creativity, he was able to transform his normal above-ground pool into a backyard oasis fit for royalty. We’ve got a series of photos to share with you below to show you just how this guy made the deck for his family.

To get started, this creative DIYer cleared out the space near his pool and crafted a temporary frame for the structure.

Then he really got down to work. The man had to drill holes deep enough and big enough to support the beams that would hold up the deck.

In order to secure his family’s safety, he dug his holes deep enough to go past the frost line in winter. This makes it much safer and sturdier.

But that wasn’t the only way this guy decided to be safe. He also attached plastic standoffs at the bottom of each supporting beam. Why? Because this would prevent any concrete from coming into contact with the wood. That means no rotting and a pool-side deck that lasts much longer.

Now he was ready to go. He poured a few inches of concrete into each hole. Then he inserted the large beams. Soon his deck project was starting to stand on two legs.

He filled in the remains space inside the holes with pebbles and stones to secure the beams. This would not only keep them sturdy but help with drainage.

With the frame set, he mounted his brackets to get started on the building phase. This would help support the stairs. He also added a top support beam to make this even safer.

Now it was time to make it look like a deck. He installed the joints and parts of the floor to get it started. After those are installed, off comes the temporary support. Don’t need that anymore! He also trimmed the vertical beams.

Before he knew it, winter had come. He put his project on pause. But as soon as spring arrived, he started laying floor boards.

Finally, after a few months of hard work, he has an amazing deck ready for the summer’s swimming season. His family must be overjoyed he decided to follow through with the DIY project.

Above ground pool deck build

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