He Thinks They Are Taking Engagement Photos, But His Wife-To-Be Has Other Plans

Updated September 1, 2017

Becoming a parent is a huge deal. Some people react to the news with joy. They’re bringing a brand-new life into the world. They’ll be able to care for someone and raise them in their image. Other people are shocking and horrified by the news. They see becoming a parent as taking away their freedom to live life their way. No matter how someone learns to the life-changing news, it is the start of a new beginning. It is no joke becoming a dad. This moment was captured perfectly when a mother-to-be hired a photographer to catch the exact moment the dad-to-be hears the good news. And below you can see the moment she surprises her husband with the announcement that she is pregnant with their first child. Check it out below because this is special.

Chelsie Morales wanted to surprise her husband Will with the pregnancy announcement. She told her husband that she had entered a raffle and won a free photo shoot with Kara Fishbaugh from Kara Quinn Photography. Because of this little white lie, her husband had no idea that the photo shoot was actually scheduled to capture his reaction to learning that he was going to soon become a father.

Before the photographer started shooting on location at Zorinsky Lake in Omaha, Newbraska, she asked the couple to write down three traits or qualities they love about the other person. They took a few minutes to jot down their ideas on a chalkboard.

When it was Chelsie’s turn, she revealed the chalkboard to her husband. But it didn’t say the trait she admired. Instead it told him the shocking truth:

“You’re going to be a daddy!”

That’s when Kara swooped in to capture the surprised father-to-be’s reaction. His mouth dropped to his toes and she caught images of him gaping as he read the chalkboard. He couldn’t believe that this was how his wife decided to tell him that he was going to be a father. And he couldn’t have been happier.

The photo shoot occurred on June 22, but now that the images have gone online, they quickly went viral.

Kara posted the images on her business’s Instagram page. She explained how it had worked and that she had asked each person to write the traits they admire on the boards.

One image shows Chelsie with her back to Will as she prepares to show him the chalkboard with the mind-boggling message.

Meanwhile, Will has been fooled. He wrote that he loves that his wife is “witty,” “beautiful,” and “smart.”

But his wife outdid him because she wrote something that meant so much more to both of them.

Stricken with shock, Will couldn’t move for a few moments. His mouth simply hung open. But then the news hit home and he grabbed his wife in a bear hug, lifting her up in the air.

“If you ask anyone that knows him, he is just amazing with kids,” Chelsie told the HuffPost. “If there is a baby around, 100 percent guaranteed it will take him .01 seconds to find it and ask if he can hold it. So I knew he would be more than thrilled once we were starting a family of our own.”

Chelsie’s first child is due on February 23. And she only found out she was pregnant a few days before the photo shoot. But she wanted to wait to reveal the secret and surprise her husband during the day at the lake. And it was worth it.

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