He Thought He Had Stumbled Upon A Very Rare Creature’s Skull. But What Experts Say It Is? OOPS! LOL

Updated June 16, 2016

Many are familiar with folklore that spans back hundreds of years, talking about dragons, ghouls, snakes, and large creatures such as Bigfoot.  Many of these stories seem nearly impossible to be real, but some have a greater possibility of actually existing like the infamous Bigfoot monster.

People have been finding increasingly sound evidence that such a large and menacing creature could have roamed the plains so long ago, and one of the more recent finds really has people talking about a real Bigfoot proof possibility.

While hiking in Utah, Todd May stumbled upon what he believed to be a fossilized Bigfoot skull, weighing up to 75-pounds!

May says he’s also encountered a live Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, before. Sasquatch is said to inhabit forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest. In North American folklore, Bigfoot is described as a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. He is truly a legendary figure and many people throughout history have claimed to have seen him before.

However, these sightings are treated with ambiguity and people comfortably attribute them to black bear sightings or other wildlife, because Bigfoot couldn’t possibly be real, right?

Many are posing this very question now that this very real looking photo of Bigfoot’s skull has been circulating on the web.


Many would disagree with the falsity of Big Foot’s existence, including indigenous peoples who are far more interconnected with the natural than we are. Members of the indigenous tribe Lummi tell tales about Ts’emekwes, the local version of Bigfoot. Among these stories, there is a general consensus that Bigfoot is large, hairy, reddish brown or black fur, and carries an intimidating presence that is immensely greater than humankind.

However, just because the Sasquatch is an immense creature, does this mean we should fear him? The stories of indigenous people vary in the Sasquatch’s intent. Is Big Foot truly evil or is he just naturally larger than life and can’t help it?

“Big Foot” like creatures have shown up time and time again in influences of modern culture and literature. For example, in Mary Shelley’s famous story Frankenstein, a scientist thirsty for power creates a terrifying creature with the intention of the creature being greater than is comprehensible to mankind, just like Big Foot.

While many people would fear this large ape like creature, you will probably be more than safe walking around anywhere you want because many people are now debunking the “skull” that was pictured.

While many think it is real, one Utah professor strongly believes it is just a weathered rock, after having taken a very close look at the skull when May brought it to him for a professional opinion.

In fact, May formally rejected the professor’s opinion and said that he has actually seen a large Bigfoot-like create with his very own two eyes in his lifetime before.

While many are unsure about May’s finding, it certainly created some waves over the world and has people digging for answers again.

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