He Thought He’d Have Fun With Lions At Zoo, But Never Expected His Video To Go Viral [video]

Updated March 15, 2017

The news has been inundated with incidents were zoo animals have gone wild and attacked zookeepers and guests. Like the silverback gorilla Harambe who was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo last year. But he is not the only incident, recently, another silverback was caught hurling projectiles at guests. And a lion even attacked a zookeeper, until an unlikely hero swooped in and saved the day.

Because of how badly things can go wrong, we all know that baiting a lion, even if it is behind the glass at a zoo, is like playing with fire. But as you’ll see in this video below, the guy decided to tease a lion. And if it wasn’t for the thick plate of glass, he probably would have been mauled…or worse.

When the video starts, the guy in the blue shirt and backward baseball cap is on his hands and knees baiting the lion to strike. He keeps launching himself back and forth across the cement floor – even though there are other people between him and the lion.

Then another lion struts up ready to join the hunt.

The man in the blue shirt dashes to the other side of the exhibit. He wants to get these lions heated up. He wants to be their prey. They bolt over to the glass barrier.

But the playful guy is not done. He runs over to the collection of rocks. The lions follow.

The video cuts ahead to a minute or two later. The guy is on his knees again – but this time the lion paws at the glass window between them. Clearly, the animal is hungry and wants this guy for dinner.

The man’s wife uploaded the video. The video’s description “claims that her husband makes everything more fun, as is evident in this video. Watch as he gets on all fours and runs back and forth, causing several younger lions to chase him around. How awesome is that?”

Since the clip was uploaded more than 6 million people have watched this guy put his life at risk. Thousands have commented. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

“Which side of the glass is the Zoo?” Dave Benny wrote.

“why not go get into the enclosure with them and show us you’re a real man? This would make it more entertaining,” viewer Mike C shared.

“For every cry baby saying that this guy is a douche bag for teasing the lions, he isn’t.  The lions finally had something to do, and they looked really interested in this guy, if it would annoy them then they’d walk off, but instead they were chasing this guy,” Lordeppiothe1 wrote.

“The lions are not getting “upset”. Look at their body language, it’s very similar to a cat’s. Once you learn how a cat’s body language works, you’ll know how the lions are REALLY feeling,” wrote Grey Fox.

Do you think this guy was in danger? Or was it all just fun and games?

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