He Took His Drone Out For A Quick Fly. Pay Attention To The Small Forest. Do You Think It’s A Hoax?

Updated October 27, 2016

Ever since people were able to take cameras and video recorders into the woods and forests of the world, they’ve been capturing footage of Bigfoot. The mysterious Sasquatch seems to have been spotted in many places in recent years including Yellowstone National Park, Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY, and more wooded places across the country.

But has the prevalence of drone technology changed the hunt for Bigfoot once and for all? It seems likely. Recently, an Idaho resident was flying their drone around the barren landscape when they saw something shocking.

And all the evidence points to Bigfoot as the culprit…

Watch the video footage included at the bottom of this post. You’ll see a bird’s eye view of the Idaho landscape. There are patches of trees and open fields and farmland.

But soon you’ll see why the person filming was absolutely shocked when reviewing the images later.

A large, hairy creature appeared for several moments. But then, apparently noticing the drone, it ran as fast as it could into the forest.

Look carefully in the video footage as it’s not easy to spot the Bigfoot. They are a long-sought after creature for a reason and they know how to hide from humans well.

At the 25-second mark in the footage, you can see Bigfoot if you look closely. It appears to the left of the road and then runs toward the collection of trees in order to get cover from the camera.

After realizing what was just captured on camera, the drone controller faces the machine toward the trees and starts to quickly approach.

The drone hovers above the trees and tries to find the creature that had eluded the drone. It scours back and forth as it gets closer and closer.

This would be a pretty big deal if it’s real right? Or is it a hoax?

This is what is written in the video description:

“This mysterious footage shows an unknown creature running towards the trees, then vanishing into the wooded area. Spotted around the 25 second mark. Filmed in Idaho.”

Many Bigfoot hoaxes have been organized over the years. People really want to know that humans aren’t the only humanoid creatures out there so Bigfoot is an appealing legend.

But now that drone footage can capture such a wide breadth of footage at one moment – and anyone can own a drone – Bigfoot will be captured on camera sooner rather than later – if it exists.

Many people have shared their comments about the footage:

  • “I think that bigfoot doesn’t exist!”
  • “So, exactly how big is this unknown creature? About the size of a prairie dog? I can’t see anything running, even when I put on glasses and switch this to full-screen HD.”
  • “Nice!” and another person wrote “AMAZING!”

If you’re having trouble spotting Bigfoot. Make the video full screen. You can see the figure running to the left of the road at the 35-second mark. Look for the moving shadow.

Do you think Bigfoot is real? Does this answer your questions?

Please SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS about this Bigfoot footage! Is it real or a hoax?