He Towers Over Her, But Once The Music Starts It’s Clear You’re In For A Real Treat [video]

Updated April 19, 2017

Amazing dance routines have the power to magnetize and transfix us. And the one included below is no exception. Just watching someone move their body with control and grace is enough to keep our attention focused on the screen. But few people are as talented at the art of acrobatic dance as these two professionals…

In the video, you’ll watch world-renowned performers Valeriy and Yulia performing their “hand to hand act.” While the video was uploaded to YouTube back in 2011, it continues to be a source of inspiration for anyone who has ever dreamed of dancing. Watch the startling performance and observe the duo’s unique dance style.

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Valeriy and Yulia are a talented dance group from Ukraine. As the title of the dance suggested, the duo keep contact with each other by their hands throughout the entire length of the performance. It is truly a spectacular feat to watch.

The duo could not have been better matched. The dainty Yulia is the perfect dance partner for the manly Valeriy. He performs the routine bare-chested, while she wears a tight top and very short shorts.

As you’ll discover when you press play, the dancing team performs to Nneka’s song “Heartbeat.” And their graceful and acrobatic choreography will be something you’ll marvel at. You’ll watch amazing feats including Valeriy dancing his dainty partner with one hand and then on his neck.

More than 7 million people have watched this talented duo defy the laws of physics in their dance. And you should watch, too. Below we’re sharing some of the most popular comments left on the video. Here they are:

“There are no words to explain how incredible this is. But my god it is seriously unbelievable. Some of those lifts are incomprehensible, and these guys are both fantastic dancers in their own right too. Phenomenal.”

Scott S. wrote, “The thing that impresses me more than the dance is the level of trust. How much more trust can you have in another human being for your physical safety?”

“I’ve just recently discovered this, and the first time I just watched Yulia . But the next 733 times I can’t take my eyes off of Valeriy,” wrote Natasha Williams.

Becky Lyall wrote, “soo much strength and trust going on here, they move as one. well done bravo!!”

Brian Bat added, “I have seen their routine 100 times and it never gets old.  I cant find any additional stuff from these two.  Did they break up?”

“Wow, so many interesting movements and amazing strength from both. The only thing lacking for me is passion. The choreography is flawless but is like going through the motions.  No chemistry between them,” shared Cindy Bunker.

“WOW!  Haven’t seen a dance so coordinated and well executed in a long time. Simply Amazing and Beautiful,” shared an impassioned viewer.

What impresses you most about this dance? Did you have a favorite moment? Share it with us.

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