He Waited For Days To Get The Shot, Baffled By What The Bear Is Carrying In It’s Mouth [video]

Updated April 18, 2017

While a Montana painter lurked along the roadside, he happened to capture and extremely rare moment on film. Mike Potter watched as a large black bear came out of hibernation. Because the location for the bear’s hibernation was unusual, it caught Potter’s attention. But so did a strange thing that was handing out of the large bear’s mouth.

The painter had been heading home after a long day of work, when he spotted the large bear. While that was exciting enough for the nature-lover, he was shocked when he saw the bear holding a large black object in its mouth. The object was a rectangle. When he squinted his eyes, Potter realized what the bear was holding.

It was a laptop computer…

Potter was shocked that the bear was a tech junkie. But upon a closer examination, he realized that the bear was a PC user and not an Apple fan. While that shocked Potter, he was overjoyed to simply capture the moment when a large bear came out of hibernation.

“As I drew focus and zoomed in with my phone, I could see it clearer,” Potter told MTN News, according to KBZK-TV. “And then when I was editing the video the next morning, I zoomed in at 100-percent and it just appeared to have a little micro-logo on it and shading right where a laptop would fold.”

Potter shared the video to Facebook and YouTube, where it has already gotten hundreds of thousands of views combined.

“A den that gets wet from time to time due to high snow spring thaw,” Potter wrote in the video caption. “Bear needs to sleep but with all the snow melt of 3 weeks ago, this is why he has been popping up from time to time.”

Potter spoke to MTN News about the amazing find calling it a “Montana moment.”

The video description added that: “Michael Potter of Whitefish shared this brief video clip of a bear with …something… in its mouth near Arlee several days ago.’It was a Montana moment I’ll never forget, I mean I grew up here in Whitefish, Montana and when I saw that, that is what makes Montana great,’ Potter told MTN News.”

On Facebook, Potter contribute more information about the bears in the area.

“Bear needs to sleep but with all the snow melt of 3 weeks ago, this is why he has been popping up from time to time. Although Stacy Courville Wildlife Biologist at the Salish Kootnei Management on Flatheads Indian Reservation, along with Tribal leaders, have attempted to lure this bear with deer parts, placed in a steel cage, bear just isn’t hungry yet.”

Dozens of happy viewers shared their reactions on Facebook:

“Darn it well I guess I can now say I still have yet to ever see a grizzly bear it sure looked like it though wow

What do you think about this bear carrying a laptop? Why do you think it had it in its mouth?

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