He Was Nervous To Tell His Dog The Big News. But How His Golden Retriever Takes It? HILARIOUS!

Updated July 27, 2016

Golden retrievers have been known as one of the top family dogs of all time, often showing their charisma as celebrities in such movies as the Air Bud series, Bailey’s Billions and Fluke. They are gentle, yet need their daily energy expended, often times dragging their owners out to dog parks and fields to stretch their legs and fetch a ball. It’s no doubt that the blonde dog breed is top notch on most dog lover’s lists and there is seldom a lack of personality in these people-loving fur babies.

The breed is popular for their docile demeanor and those big brown eyes that could make a bank robber change his mind. They come in various shades of gold including a dark shade of golden, a near-reddish and a light that is so light it could be considered white. They flaunt their rumps confidently as they sway down the sidewalk by their owner’s side. They sit on their owner’s laps and are most likely in denial that they are considered a large breed and average anywhere between 65 and 75 pounds. They are often times the first child in their home to a mom and dad who chose them as their fur baby before going on to make a human baby.

They run, they swim, they fetch and they chase…but are they cut out to be big brothers?

When the golden retriever in this video receives the news about his new baby brother, we aren’t quite sure how to take it. He’s seems pretty serious about the news, maybe he’s already taking on the stress that goes along with being the role model child to a younger sibling. We know that he acknowledges in fact that he is going to be a big brother, as the quick jerks of his neck made that clear as his owner tells him “someone’s going to have a baby brother.”

As if he’s hunting and as seen his prey, this golden is caught in the moment, clearly taken aback by the news that his dad is telling him. Surely his cozy life is going to be slightly disturbed when the human baby arrives home from the hospital. Within seconds of hearing the news, this golden retriever is probably thinking about how his deep sleeps will be interrupted by the whines and grunts of a crying baby and how he just might lose his spot in bed with mom and dad. He may worry that his walks might be shortened because who knows if his parents can still take the time to get him out for his daily sniffs and stretches when they have to tend to a needy baby.

This golden is clearly concerned, but the look in his eyes proves that he is going to be one heck of a big brother and he’s ready to taken on the role. Soon enough he’ll be playing tug and fetch with his baby brother and if he’s lucky, the little boy will be a klutz and drop an assortment of treats on the floor for him to slurp up.