He Was Sent A Package. What He Finds Inside Has Scientist All Over The World Baffled For Answers…

Updated April 27, 2016

If you got an alien in the mail, what would you do?  Sounds like a strange an impossible scenario, but that is exactly what happened to the owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow in California.

One day, he opened up a package and found what is perhaps one of the weirdest, freakiest things he has ever had to take in, and it has the world stumped as to what it might be.

The “alien” was sent in a package to the owner, and it was so absurd that he made a video to show it to the world.

Todd Ray made an unboxing video of the specimen, and is asking the internet what they think the creature might be.

Todd received the specimen in an alcohol jar after the owner said he found the creature in his back yard.

“I don’t want to call it an alien, but it’s definitely alien in form, it’s about a foot long and has gill-like ear things below the head. It’s got weird eyes and something out of its mouth that looks like a fleshy fang.”

Zoologists have been weighing in on the creature, trying to figure out what it might be but still no conclusion has been reached, and even more mysterious theories have been brought to light, such as that from Cristina Simmons from the San Diego Zoo, “It could certainly be an aborted/malformed fetus of any number of species but it appears to be an amalgam of different tissues.  I can’t help but notice that the tissue in the head appears to be embedded in the large ‘piece’ around it (and does not match in consistency or color), eyes and body do not appear to be from the same source as the facial tissue.”

Other theories include an elephant fetus, and a baby squirrel.

Of course the internet had it’s own set of hypotheses such as a “telletubby” or the “larvae stage of the life form politicians are from.”

If you want to see the strange video showing off the creature, check it out down below and let us know what YOU think it might be in the comments!