He Was So Bad When Rescued, They Couldn’t Identify What It Was Until They Cut Its Hair

Updated February 3, 2017

You hear it from us at least twice a day, but we love doggies. We love their barks, their snoring, their chasing balls in the park, and every other thing about them.and why not? Dogs are simply the best pets in the whole world, right?

Well we just found a heartwarming video, produced by Inside Edition, about a stray dog named Harry, who was rescued by the Kansas City Pet Project. You are going to love how this story turns out when you watch this clip.

This abandoned dog, named Harry, was brought in to the Kansas City Pet Project for rehab and a chance at a new life.

The poor creature was blind, had lost part of his nose due to abuse from a “human”, and had a tangled rat’s nest for fur.

After more than two and a half hours of tender loving and professional grooming, Harry looked like a million bucks and seems happier than ever. When they were done trimming Harry, they had removed more than five pounds of matted hair!

Harry still needs to put on some weight after his life on the streets, but the KCPP is taking good care of him, giving him the food, medical care, and loving he will need to get on with a new life with a very special family someday.

If Harry’s story has inspired you to open your home to a needy pet, here are some things you should think about before you take the plunge.

First, you should ask yourself honestly what kind of breed is best suited to your lifestyle. If you are an active, outdoorsy type of person, you will want a dog with more energy and playfulness. If you are basically a homebody, a lap dog that can spend hours curled up next to you on the sofa might be better.

You should also make sure that if you have kids in the house, that the dog you adopt is well suited to you. While some breeds can handle the rough play that comes with little kids, others are not as interested and may even be unhappy sharing their space with children. And if there are kids around, make sure they understand the responsibilities that having a dog entails. You should also be prepared to take on those responsibilities when your children fall down on the job. Children will be distracted, forget to do their chores, and even lose interest over time, and you need to pick up the slack so that the dog does not suffer.

You also need to prepare your home for a dog the same way you would for a new child. Whether it’s tightly sealing your garbage cans or paying attention to  dangerous decorations during the holidays, you’ll need to make your home safe before adopting. That includes keeping  toxic foods,  pet-unfriendly plants  and  dangerous household items  out of paw’s reach.

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and you need to be fully committed to taking care of the animal for its whole life, which will be a long and healthy one if you are a good doggie parent.

Have you ever adopted a stray rescue dog before? Share your stories with us here.