He Went To Check On His Crying Baby. Seconds Into Her Room He Collapses. What EMTs Discover? WARNING

Updated January 28, 2016

Monique Ruppel and her husband, Kyle, didn’t anticipate anything more than a midnight feeding or diaper change when their daughter, Celia, awoke in the middle of the night. According to the parents, their daughter usually sleeps through the night, but on this occasion, something seemed off.

At three o’clock in the morning, Celia started to cry, in which it awoke her parents, Kyle and Monique. As the two parents were struggling to get out of bed at a ghastly hour, Kyle collapsed to the ground, complaining that his eyes were burning. It was at that time that the couple knew their daughter had been warning them, and that something was immensely wrong.

Monique wrote on Facebook in response to the incident, saying, “This precious little angel did something extraordinary. Something she will not fully understand until she is grown. She literally saved our lives. Celia typically wakes once per night. We always get up with her and help her back to sleep. On Friday at 3 a.m., she stirred for the second time.”

“I attempted to make my way to her room but only made it a few feet before being completely overwhelmed with vertigo. Kyle immediately woke and we quickly realized something was wrong. We both suffered from dizziness, headache, nausea, and burning eyes. We packed a bag and woke Celia. She began vomiting and as I held her my cat collapsed at my feet. Luckily Kyle’s parents arrived to help right before he collapsed. He came to right away and 911 we called. We were all taken to the hospital,” she wrote.

“We were promptly treated for carbon monoxide poisoning by wonderful doctors and nurses. They took every precaution and air-lifted us to Vancouver for treatment. We underwent three, 2.5-hour dives in a Hyperbaric Chamber. We are all feeling very well and expected to make a full recovery.

The support we have received this weekend has been incredible. We thank all our friends and family for helping us through.”

“Please ensure you have a Carbon Monoxide detector and that it works. We are so thankful Celia woke us. We often wished she would sleep through the night but we do not feel that way anymore. Our sweet sweet baby saved us all,” she wrote.