Heartbroken Parrot Abandoned By Owner Never Looked Up From His Cage, Until He Met Her

Updated November 28, 2017

Animal stories can either break your heart or warm it, depending on the circumstances that the animal endured. When you read stories about animals, it is often about those at a zoo or traditional pets, such as cats and dogs. However, a recent feel-good story features a parrot that was left sad and heartbroken after it had to be taken into a rescue. This parrot just seemed down until it met one of the volunteers who had something that would bring the bird some joy even in a sad situation.

The bird had to be taken from its owner because she was no longer able to properly care for him. She essentially surrendered the parrot to make sure that it would get the love and attention it needed after her health started to decline. This is when the bird was taken in by the Rhode Island Parrot Rescue, a group that has specific knowledge about what it takes to care for this type of animal.

The volunteers at the rescue said that for weeks the bird just stayed in the cage and kept its head down. The volunteers had no idea what to do to cheer up the visibly sad bird. However, this all changed when one volunteer came to see the bird and provide some of its care.

The volunteer at the rescue was wearing a ponytail and Snowball, the bird, found that her hair is exactly what was needed to have some fun. The bird flew to her ponytail and just started swinging. The look on the bird’s face is one of happiness and content. The volunteer did not appear to mind, but she did say that she hoped the bird did not bite her bum.

When you watch the video, you can see Snowball just seemingly seeing the volunteer’s ponytail and making a bee line for it. Within seconds, the once sad bird was just swinging around like her hair was some type of toy or accessory in his cage. The bird clearly did not want to stop having such a good time, but of course, he could not remain swinging in the volunteer’s hair forever.

The volunteer handled the situation very well and did not want to immediately put the bird back into the cage. The people at the rescue were so happy to see that Snowball finally seemed happy doing something. The volunteer did not report the swinging causing her any discomfort, so maybe the next time she is scheduled to come in, she will allow the bird to do it again.

Snowball is 22 years old, so he is definitely not a spring chicken. However, the volunteers at the rescue are confident that despite his age, he will find a home soon. Hopefully, whoever takes him in will make sure that he has a swing to play on, especially if anyone in the home regularly wears a ponytail.

This is a sad story that definitely ended on a relatively happy note. The volunteers were surely happy to see that the parrot finally seemed to be a bit happier again.